Yemi Osibanjo

Why Osibanjo Ran Away From Aso Rock To Unknown Place.

There are so many speculations about the where about of the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osibanjo.

Some say that he is in Aso Rock. Nnamdi Kanu said he was infected with the COVID 19 and he is sick, while some say he is on self isolation. But how can Osibanjo be in total isolation for four weeks now.

Reliable information reaching DEZ MAYORZ has it that the Vice President is on a major run for his life and not infected with COVID 19.

Texting to Dez Mayorz Nigeria, one of the kitchen cabinets of a late president said that the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo is on the run, hiding for his life when he got an information that he might be deliberately infected.
The whistle blower revealed that there are two corrupted groups now in Abuja, one is for the mast and the other for the mask. Below is his statements:

“I got a reliable source of information about Aso Villa. There is no one in the villa as we speak, Osibanjo is not infected but he ran away. The cabals want him dead”

“There are two teams here, one for the mast, the other for the body double (clone/mask).”

“The Chinese they brought came to clone Abba Kyari but unfortunate ran out of time as many of them(cabals) got eyes on that presidential seat before he (Abba Kyari) died.”

“The other group Chinese have mounted two mast of 5G network already, but since the person that called them is dead, they are just waiting for the pandemic to end so that they will destroy it(5G).”

“That’s it for now ” – The wrestle blower revealed.

Disclaimer : This information is from a reliable source and a reliable source can stop to be reliable anyday.
So, DEZ MAYORZ can not authenticate the reliability of this information.

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