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Comedian(s) Mess at Jikume Oshikiri Concert. Who is to be blamed?

Jikume Oshikiri Concert. Comedian(s) mess at Jikume Oshikiri Concert. Who is to be blamed? Baba Funky, Kobaba, Danny Spry, Amb Induz or the host. Straight to the point. Jikume Oshikiri Concert experienced some appallling time wasting from some comedian(s) during the peak of the event. The glamorous easy going event anchored by Nigeria comedian Angel […]

This Year have been sweet, The economy couldn’t stop me – Adviser appreciates God for the World Tour

Adviser . The popular Nigerian comedian, Adviser has taken his facebook social media to appreciate God for the year so far, in his World Tour in Turkey, revealed his next move. said Buhari government couldn’t stop him. below is his statement : “My name is BRIGHT better known as ADVISER I am a stand-up comedian […]

SonofMan eulogies his late Father, Blesses his family. Saint Aboki suspects Pastor Chido on the deat...

SonofMan eulogies his late Father and blesses his family members in his comic event titled Tales of St Paul (Salt of Comedy). The event experienced an amazing performances from Angel d Laff, Kobaba, Payo G, Saint Aboki, Spartacus, Akpan Okon, mc JP, Danny Spry, GSN, among others. Reactions: Nigerian comedian Saint Aboki blames Pastor Chido […]

Mc Mormor suicide : Sniper company beg him not to commit suicide, promise to send him money.

Mc Mormor suicide. The top model comedian mc Mormor has seriously threatened to kill himself by drinking Sniper. This he made public on his facebook handle on Friday. Recall that Dez Mayorz reported how the depressed comedian also threatened to join Yahoo plus so that people like Billionaire Ned Nwoko will not take away his […]