Biafrans vote for Atiku.

Murtala Gosho Wrote To Yorubas, & Hausa/Fulanis About Igbos and Buhari.

Dear Yorubas,
90% of Igbo people will vote ATIKU in the next election.
It is not because he picked Peter Obi.

In 2003 BUHARI picked Chuba Okadigbo and the Igbos voted OBASANJO.
They are business oriented people, they know bad market when they see one.

Dear Hausa /Fulani.
In 2007 BUHARI picked Edwin Ume-Ezeoke, yet the Igbos voted Yaradua!

BUHARI can not manage the economy, as you have seen it. Experience they say is the best teacher.
Igbos hate poverty and have never made mistakes in their choice of President in Nigerian History.

Even after the civil war, Igbos rebuild themselves with nothing to the envy of other Nigerians.
Igbos does not hate Buhari, but they hate the POVERTY associated with Buhari and Government. — by Malam Murtala Gosho.


By Dez Mayorz

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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