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Port Harcourt awards.

The director of Dez Mayorz southern Nigeria blogspot has called on organizers of awards in Port Harcourt to do the needful and stay away from mediocritic awards. This he made public on his facebook handle with the statement below:.

Imagine :

About 3 Entertainment Awards took place in Port Harcourt City and non of them honoured Duncan Mighty (Port Harcourt first son) among other big brands like Hilda Dokubo, with the reason best known to them.

It shows those awards doesn’t have credibility nor authority.
It’s either those awards are scam, mediocritic award or it’s a personal award and not a Port Harcourt public award of excellence.(public awards).

Dez Mayorz will never associate with such awards. U can award people or anyone you like.
it is evil to put up a public awards where the public voted and still you decided to award your friends and families and still call it Port Harcourt award?

That’s mediocres award.

Duncan Mighty(to mention but few) deserves every form of Award in southern Nigeria, including life honorary awards.

Port Harcourt!
Let’s get it right!

– DezMayorz.org.


He further narrated how they came to him and still didn’t take his advice. :

Awards of mediocres must stop in Port Harcourt – Mr Flamboyant.

Imagine :

Still on Port Harcourt mediocrity awards.

This nonsense must stop.
The organizers of the three awards visited DEZ MAYORZ earlier for the award preparation, to be part of it and help in the online promotions.

DEZ MAYORZ director -Mr Flamboyant Chidiebele Okoye responded that DEZ Mayorz will support only if:
1. They will OMPAN

improve the quality of the award and involve all the best of Port Harcourt can offer and even beyond
2. Say no to awarding their undeserved friends and supporters.
3. Pay promoters and others accordingly

Later on, they all nominated DEZ MAYORZ NIGERIA as the online promoter of the year. And we responded again that we (DEZ MAYORZ) will not be part of it until the needful is done, even when we know we will win the award, we decided to stay away from such in order to correct abnormalities and mediocrity.

The point is clear, anyone can present award to anybody of his/her choice, but when award gets public after nominations, the organizers must ensure transparency, involve the bests(in nominations) and present the award to the person voted for and not to his sponsor(s) or friends and family.

When DEZ MAYORZ did DMOMA award (Dez Mayorz Online Media Award), it was made clear that it’s Dez Mayorz award, there was no nominations nor voting, we awarded people by ourself.

It’s a total scam and evil to nominate your friends for award, and even when they are voted out, you still go ahead to award them, whereas you said it’s public voting award.

Just imagine!- not all the award organizers are bad though, we still have good ones.

He concluded that this must stop.


By Okoye Chidiebele

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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