Buhari clone.

On Saturday First (1st) of December 2018, the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu again sends strong massages to Biafrans and the world at large during a live broadcast from the holy city of David Jerusalem (Israel).

Nnamdi Kanu gave more reasons why the “Unmasking Of Jubril” must commence and implore Biafrans to go into more researches as it is a duty that must be accomplished with good results. He also cleared the air on many issues bordering IPOB family in Biafra land, urging the people of Biafra to dissociate selves from any political gathering or electoral processes in the land as IPOB will do everything in her capacity in ensuring that the upcoming 2019 general elections will be boycotted.

His key speeches are as follows:

• They are cloning Buhari’s ear because his ear was disfigured

• I never said that Buhari was cloned. Let me repeat, I said they brought an impostor called Jubril to replace Buhari

• Osinbajo is a coward, that’s why he’s not the president

• They are manipulating Obama’s photo to deceive the public.

Tell me how many men wear a wedding ring on the right finger

• Aisha Buhari is a billionaire with oil money ask me is she an engineer?
But blacks are not reasoning that is why we can’t solve any problems in Africa. In England oliver crown well beheaded Prince Charles when he was corrupt but blacks don’t and will not do anything. The zoo are useless.

• The yuroba media are deceivers, have you seen the buhari that escorted Aisha to APC flag of campaign, is that man Buhari?

• A new Fulani terrorist is out in Sokoto but you will not here any Fulani man condemning them, even Buhari was selected by bokoharam to be their chief negotiator but Igbo’s so called elites are uselessly following them. Not even a single leader from Fulani leader will condemned their Fulani terrorist.
There is a church in suleja Niger state that bokoharam terrorist bomb and kill hundreds of Biafrans yet the Igbo leaders did nothing

• Bruaitia said that they have no weapon to fight bokoharam terrorist but can some one ask bruatia what did you do with one billion dollars given to you for weapons to fight bokoharam terrorist?

You need to understand that the Zoo government is paying media houses to tell lies for Nigeria.

• IPOB is boycotting election 100% and that’s the only option, let Referendum be conducted.

• IPOB will shutdown the whole of Biafra Land very soon.

• Any body I mention on Radio Biafra or I said he’s close to me, they mobilise they selves and contact such fellow and he begins to speaks on both side of his mouth… But IPOB must continue moving on.

• Jesus Christ is a Jew.
And if you don’t know, It was Christian that form Islam. My religion is a religion of ancient and for your Information you can go to Obu Gad (House of Gad) in Anambra of province of Biafra land and find out your selves. Gad is the 7th son of Jacob whom his Children are Eri, Arodi and Areli… They settled in the present place Agulueri Anamabra.

• Igweocha (Port Harcourt) Frontiers is completely dissolved, there’s nothing like FRONTIERS IN IGWEOCHA

• David Njoku Remains The Recognized Igweocha Codinator

• From this night, anything BSS are totally abolished until further notice, we are restructuring every intelligent units of IPOB.



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