Nnamdi Kanu Jubrin proof.

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu today challenged the Cabals in Aso Rock to counter his “7 scientific findings” on the Jubril scandal.
They include;

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1).  Palm print.

2). Fulfude language.
3). Height.
4). Deformed ear.
5). Baldness.
6). Wrinkled hands.
7). Young looks.

The Biafran leader has made bold to say that the current occupant of the office of the Nigerian president is an impostor from Sudan. He insisted that the Nigerian president Gen. Muhammadu Buahri is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia.

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He has on his Radio Biafra broadcast explained on each points as listed above.

The federal government of Nigeria has not been able to officially counter any of the allegations levied against her.

It will also be recalled that the Nigerian minister  for information Lai Mohammed has on two occasions hinted on some.
He was quoted as saying that the decrease in height of the Nigerian president was as a result of the advice given him by his doctors not to be wearing high  hilled shoes.

Just last week, he admitted that the now Nigerian president can no longer speak “Fulfude” his native Fulani dialect as a result of brain surgery.

Nnamdi Kanu argued in his last week broadcast why it was only the nerve that connects Fulfude that was cut during the surgery but but that which connects English language remained.

As the drama lingers, reactions has been coming from different international bodies and persons which has brought Nigeria on the comedy platform as a subject of ridicule.

Do we have a double in Aso Rock? Time shall tell.
We still await the DNA version of Nnamdi Kanu in his quest to prove his allegation.

By Okoye Chidiebele

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