Enugu – The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has condemned the alleged killing of over 1,000 Shiites by in both Abuja and Kaduna State by security agents, saying that the action was unconscionable.
Kanu spoke during a radio broadcast on Radio Biafra, from Jerusalem, weekend.

He also, gave reasons why he ran away from Nigeria, saying that he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.
According to him, “Prophet Muhammed ran away and came back to conquer everywhere. Jesus did same and came out victorious. Nnamdi Azikiwe ran to Ghana; Nelson Mandela ran to Nigeria. Those of them saying I ran away when they came to kill me, are people who want me dead because, they know I’m their headache.”

He further said that Africans, nay Nigerians were too backward to realize the implications of denying people their right to protest against injustices, hence the people allowed the killing of innocent protesters, reportedly, by soldiers in Abuja without rendering help or solution to those being allegedly massacred.

“The most backward continent in the world is Africa because, we are very wicked. There is no collective consciousness… That is why a scavenging illiterate like … killed over 1,000 Shiites, for protesting.

“The heart of the black man is evil. We complain of racism, but kill ourselves. Yesterday, protesters in America blocked the most powerful man in the whole world, Donald Trump and he took another road.

“But the only thing Nigerians did in Abuja (while the Shiites were being killed), is to ask people to avoid the very road, where people are massacred, instead of rendering a solution.

“Black people have problems because, we are not educated enough, discerning enough and don’t reason well. The suffering of other people, doesn’t affect Africans, that is why we suffer.
“People don’t speak against evil in Nigeria. Nobody remembers the genocide committed in Africa, that is why we are backwards.

There is something wrong with Africans, is because we don’t have empathy.”

Kanu, however, said that, “IPOB has collective consciousness. An instance is Aba. If something happens at Aba, everyone will analyse and decide if it’s good or bad,” and decide what should be done.
Everybody Welcome to biafra

He welcomed everyone including Nigerians, Biafrans, IPOB members, friends of Biafra as well as lovers of freedom and enemies of Biafra to his live broadcast.

Kanu said, “it Is my job to spread this very Biafra message and I must do it…,” as he prayed, pointing out that he said same prayers while languishing in the Department of State Services, DSS, facilities as well as the prisons in Nigeria.

The IPOB leader described himself as a prayer warrior, stressing that he prayed seven a day apart from praying with his family, when he was opportune to speak to his family on phone.

Apparently referring to President Muhammadu Buhari, he further said that he would be “unveiling” the person (Jubril) now occupying the presidential villa, Aso Rock, even as he acknowledged that the task of doing so was a collective effort. “By the time I start exposing him, most of you might find it difficult to understand the complexity of that very Jubril in Aso Rock. Tonight we are going to start with a preamble.

“I wish to appeal to every suffering person, you must ignore the established propaganda and join IPOB to boycott Nigeria elections. If you are tired of the massacre and pains in Nigeria, you must boycott elections.
Those of you who want restructuring, employment, then you must boycott elections.
But Biafra will be different. I am not stopping you from joining us, in the Biafra quest. I want my people to be free.

Nigeria is unsalvageable.

“Nigeria is unsalvageable. The only thing holding us together, is oil and gas.
Sometimes I pray, that the oil should go dry, so we can be free.

In Nigeria you have journalists, that sit by the side, without possessing the conscience to write against evils carried out there. That is why, I call Nigeria a zoo.

“The level of wickedness in Nigeria, is too much. There is something wrong, with the brain of a black person and until we change it, then we shall continue to suffer. Are you aware that, only Africa is remains undeveloped? By this time in 2014, there were chanting and demanding that Jonathan should go out.

“You know if I hit the All Progressives Congress, APC, hard, they say the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is sponsoring us and vice versa.

“There is a cabal running the zoo. El-rufia etc are the ones that brought that thing called Jubril, in Aso Rock. That (Jubril) in Aso Rock cannot speak Fulfude because, he is not Fulani.


“Look at his fingers and ears, then you know he is an impostor. He is not more than 50years, but an impostor. Buhari is bald,
but this current Jubril in Aso Rock has hairs… That uncertificated man in Aso Rock, must be exposed I’m here, to save you from your ignorance… I must preach this very gospel.

“Biafra activists arrested during Donald Trump rally (in Port Harcourt), are still in detention because, the magistrates are afraid. I am here to preach this very gospel. Only South Africa is good because, White people… are not demanding for their own country. Biafra is going to be a confederation. The greatest asset you have, is your brain.

“When Biafra comes, we will pipe free oil to West Africa because, they are so poor. May the good Lord, have mercy on black Africans. Peter Obi is now trying to be Vice President; vote for him, when late Dr. Alex Ekwueme was there, what did he do? What is Yemi Osibanjo doing for Yoruba people now?

“Don’t vote and demand for what you need. It is called doctrine of necessity.

Throw that useless thing put together by Abdusalami Abubakar and called it, constitution…If Biafra is going to be as wicked as Nigeria, where the government keeps mute over evil, let there be no Biafra.

“How can you give us a certificate in 2014 that has Mathematics and in 2018, there is none. Everyone in WAEC Office including INEC, should be jailed.
Journalists keep mute in the face of Injustices.

“Though not all of them are bad, there are good ones. Just like late Dele Giwa. Nigeria is dead and as they brought out that fraudulent certificate. We will chase them until the zoo falls. The Zoo is in trouble. I will give them enough trouble. I will unmask that thing called Jubril, on live television with experts. By the time I finish with them, no Fulani Man will ever be the President of Nigeria.

“They know it, that is why they want to kill me, but they can’t because God is with me. Experts from America are coming, to join me in this very exposure of Jubril.

Buhari is Fulani’s hit Man, who came out to complete Utsman Danfodios quest. No matter your ethnicity, you must come out and partake on this revolution.
Some of you, are very hungry. During Election they give you #1000 and you vote.
“Only one police check point, will take it from you. They demand for break light, bulb light until you spend the #1000.

Biafra is Light.

“IPOB knows their Leader Nnamdi Kanu, is resolute, that is why they can’t fall out.

I want every man of good conscience, to keep money aside and face the truth.

We are special people. IPOB is special. Freedom of religion will be sacrosanct in Biafra.

Soldiers are not designed, to be deployed in the street. I live in Europe. How many tines have you seen a British soldier in the streets of Britain? But in Nigeria where you have professors, you keep mute over the massacres of humans and claim to be educated. Whoever did this to us…?

They try to deceive us with the adage that, “What an old Man sees sitting down, a child cannot see it while standing.”
“I don’t need to stand up, to see poverty. Do you know that after Abacha killed Ken Saro Wiwa, Bayelsa named a street by Abacha’s name? Its just like naming a street in Israel after Hitler and you know its not possible. It is only in Nigeria, where people name streets with the names of people, who killed them.


“Prophet Muhammed ran away and came back to conquer everywhere.

Jesus did same and came out victorious. Nnamdi Azikiwe ran to Ghana; Nelson Mandela ran to Nigeria. Those of them saying I ran away when they came to kill me, are people who want me dead because, they know I’m their headache.

If Britain doesn’t let Biafra go, Britain will be decimated by the Almighty.

What is happening to Britain, is because they don’t allow Biafra to go.

Britain must let Biafra go or they will be broken into pieces.

Any Nation that rises against Biafra, must die.

In Biafra everybody will be welcomed, to worship anything he wishes to, even if cockroach. There will be freedom of worship, in Biafra.

Have you asked why, only Jewish men are ready to die for Biafrans. Apart from Yaweshua, Bruce Mayrock a Jewish Man, died for Biafra, by setting himself ablaze.

Eleven Jewish children burnt themselves in Paris for Biafra.

Biafra will be sacrificed to Elohim. Our temple in Arochukwu will be rebuilt, for your information.

I have nothing against anybody, but if you hate me, I will do so.

We must go back to Nsude, to see the pyramid our ancestors built when they came out of Egypt and Aguleri and off course Arochukwu.
I shall reconvene next week on the 10th Of October 2018, to preach this very gospel.

By Okoye Chidiebele

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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