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Be consistent and resilient in your reportage, your work will speak for you – Chief Tom Aliezi charg

Chief Tom Aliezi. BE CONSISTENT AND RESILIENT , YOUR WORK WILL SPEAK FOR YOU. — CHIEF TOM CHARGES YOUTHS. — Urges Social Media Influencers to be Constructive and Reliable in their reportage , As he treats his Social media Team to a New Year Get-Together . Emohua Local Government Chairman, High Chief Tom Aliezi, has […]

Emohua LG chairman Chief Tom Aliezi celebrates his media team in grand style.

Emohua Local Government. The chairman of Emohua Local Government area of Rivers State, High Chief Tom Aliezi has celebrated his media team in grand style, He treats members of his Media Team (#TeamTom) to a NEW YEAR GET TOGETHER, at his Elele-Alimini Residence, in Emohua Local Government Area. The local government chairman should be applauded, […]