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Akpan Okon blasts Port Harcourt senior comedians, call them ritualist.

Akpan Okon. The southern Nigeria young smart working comedian Akpan Okon has called on Port Harcourt comedians to stop exploiting young comedians, in his facebook ,Akpan Okon allegedly called the senior PH comedians ritualist. Below is facebook post: Tomorrow is Saturday and many Younger Comedians will be used for “Blood Money” 😂 Well let me […]

Theft Alert : You are wicked, Stop using my creative jokes (brand), create yours. Akpan Okon roared ...

Akpan Okon and Nat Oliva. One of the most alluring creative comedians in southern Nigeria  -Akpan Okon has taken his social media handles to raise a theft alert on his brand. He accused another southern Nigeria good comedian of stealing and consistently using his new release jokes.   Below is what Akpan Okon told DezMayorz […]