Step Down For Dumo Lulu Briggs Now, Kalabari People Tells Tonye Cole, Others

Rivers 2023: Kalabari People Tell Tonye Cole, Dawari, others to step down for Dumo Lulu Briggs.

– Say Dumo Lulu Briggs has more chance to win the gubernatorial election if the Kalabari kingdom will come together and field one candidate.

Dez Mayorz Report.

Speaking to Dez Mayorz Media, a group of Kalabari youth (Kalayouth) said that with the current political development in Rivers State after presidential election, Dumo Lulu Briggs will benefit a lot from the protests votes that the youth will cast against Gov Wike’s candidate Sir Siminalaye Fubara.

The Kalabari youth said that Dumo Lulu Briggs is a man of capacity who has all it takes to govern the state.
The group commended Lulu Briggs for his plan for the Rivers people which are enshrined in his Manifesto.

“Chibuike Amaechi is no longer with you Tonye Cole, Rivers people will not vote for APC cuz they never did.
Step down for Dumo Lulu Briggs for us to stand a chance to win this election “- Kalayouth.

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