Rivers PDP Didn’t Temper With Presidential Election Results – Ibim Semenitari

Says what happened in her polling unit is what INEC uploaded, urged Rivers people to check their polling units results in the INEC server to affirm, same way she has confirmed hers.

Dez Mayorz Report.

As emotions give way to objectivity voters in Rivers state are beginning to acknowledge that the February 25th results in the state are a true reflection of what took place in their polling units.

Numbers announced by INEC tally with the result sheets as captured by vigilant voters. In two polling units monitored in Elelenwo strong hold of the PDP but where large turnouts of non regular voters were recorded Peter Obi’s win was duly recorded on the INEC server despite initial disagreements by voters who thought the non functioning of the IREC would disenfranchise them.

The same was noticed in polling units in PHALGA, Okrika LGA, Opobo/Nkoro, Andoni and other LGA’s monitored by reporters and independent observers.
Such substantial compliance may indeed absolve the INEC team in Rivers state of the claims of manipulation of results.

” I think it is important that we allow fact over opinion,” says Ibim Semenitari, a former managing director of the NDDC and former commissioner under governor Chibuike Amaechi who is also director of new media for the new vision consolidation campaign organisation – campaign organisation of Amaopusenibo Siminalayi Fubara, the PDP governorship candidate.

“When these matters are discussed, emotions tend to cloud our good judgement, but it is important to fact check every claim to avoid anyone pulling wool over our eyes. In my polling units for instance, the results uploaded were a true reflection of what took place. At the NEW Rivers consolidation campaign organisation, we have asked our people to check their own polling units using

I will suggest that everyone else does same.”

Semenitari was speaking against the background of the many claims that the PDP may have tampered with the elections.
” We are a responsible party,” Semenitari said. ” We will not do any such thing. We need everyone in Rivers state to win the elections so how can we be involved in anything that will affect their rights. Please we will never do that. The voters are the only strength we have and we need them on our side, now more than ever,” Semenitari said.

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