Biafra: I Support Sit At Home On May 30th And 31st. – Chidi Cali

I Support Sit At Home On May 30th. STAY AT HOME. – Chidi Cali

This Special Day means different things to so many people and the reason mentioning it brings fear to some section of the country and to the Igbos, sadness, sorry, deprivation and the need also to be thankful is understandable.

In 30 Months, over 3Million Igbos lost their lives, especially children, women, the sick and the aged which constitutes over 80% of this figure.
Hospitals, Markets, Churches, Schools, Maternity centres, IDP centres, Relief materials (food & Medicines) were bombed by the Nigerian Troops. They deliberately killed millions of non-combatant Igbos to put pressure on our heroes on the battlefield.

Thousand of women and children starved to death, as the Federal troops were bombing Food storages, Relief materials and blocking food and medicine coming from overseas.

An average Nigerian in 2021 should imagine how strangers from neighbouring countries are invading our farms, forests and villages, raping, stealing properties and killing with barely little or no challenge from the Federal govt or its security agencies.
Their objective is to steal and kill with the only resistance coming from the local vigilantes.

In these 30 months of the Biafran genocidal war, thousands of Igbos, youths from some of the Eastern states and Bendel put their lives on the line, so that we will see THIS DAY.
They have the opportunity to leave the war front knowing how deadly it was turning into, but they choose to fight to the last blood.

For the ignorant and youths the Nigerian government denied the opportunity of studying HISTORY in school, no one will blame you if you are unable to understand the importance of remembering this day, 30 of May.

You don’t need to be Igbo to appreciate the importance of 30th May, the injustices and humiliation that took them to the Biafran war are part of the evils we are experiencing today across Nigeria.

Our parents, fathers, uncles, aunties saw it then and the greater population of Nigeria are just seeing it after 50 years.

It is an obligation to remember our Heroes on May 30. Their sacrifice halted the Federal troops from advancing fast and actualising their objective of wiping out a generation.
A day at home in a year to honour them, will not be asking for too much.

For the political correct Igbo politicians and errand boys, May 30 is beyond politics.
STAY AT HOME. – Chidi Cali

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