Bayelsa OpenArt: Benny Odumu Sets To
Train People Freely On Advance Graphics Designs.

Dez Mayorz report.

So many people are going to benefit from the coming OpenArt Free Graphics Designs training scheduled to hold in Bayelsa on 5th April.

Open Art with Benny Odumu is a one month free Graphics Design/Enterprise Development Training geared towards helping the youth including:
– Changing Guns to Mouse.
– Smoking (Intelligent) Concept, not Weed.
– Knowing How to Draw, not Drugs.
– Skillful Interactions, not Distractions.

It is a platform set aside to equip the minds of the younger generation, and building them for a Better tomorrow.

The event is fast approaching and the coordinators are still setting the grounds and preparing the tables to ensure the program is an all-round success.

The youths of Bayelsa state (and other Neighboring Niger Deltan states) shall be getting endowed with life-changing skills and brain-wracking knowledge.

The ultimate purpose of this training (according to the Convener, Ebinipere Benny Odumu), is to divert the attention of the young people of Bayelsa State, and Nigeria at large; from irrelevant social vices and things that add very little value to life, and redirect them to productivity and creativity.

According to the Team, this mission shall be promoted using five hashtags;

1. #DrawNotDrugs: Pinpointing the need for young people to embrace the art of creativity rather than venturing into drug abuse.

2. #LaptopNotGuns: This is directed towards those in authority and those with capacity to “empower” the youths with meaningful things rather than firepower.

3.#InteractionNotDistraction: This is meant to show, and as well, disrupt how easy it can be for youths to be distracted by some of the norms of nowadays, like social media and parties, and help them pay more attention to more important things.

4. #CreativeNotThieves: Everyone is creative not until they are engaged creatively. Some are using it otherwise. This initiative will help to change the narrative for good instead of the other way, here is an opportunity to thrive on.

5. #SkillsNotKill: This is synonymous to laptop not guns as is set to encourage the youths to pick up meaningful traits and be more career-minded, instead of taking lives all in the name of cultism or political clashes.

With all these at the forefront, the sole purpose of Open Art with Benny Odumu 2021 is to impact positively in the lives of Nigerian youths in helping them be the best they can be, and boosting the birth of more creatives and intellectuals, thereby drastically reducing the rate at which young bloods are being spilled.

This is a great opportunity for the youth to grab.

Such Projects should be external supported and sponsored as the organizers seek for support and sponsorship, using contacts below.

09053565155, 08038527116, 08104477484 or Contact Benny Odumu

Dez Mayorz report.

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