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The Nigerian Police force, Rivers State have debunked the report that unknown Gunmen hijacked a bus filled with students in, Bori Rivers, demand #2 million ransom.

Says that the phantom news is fake and should be disregarded.

In a statement obtained by Dez Mayorz Media and signed by SP Nnamdi Omoni (anipr), the
Police Public Relations Officer
For: Commr.of Police
Rivers State Command, he pointed out the following things:

– That in recent times, the Ogoni Communities have enjoyed fragile peace after the arrest and subsequent death of ‘Bobisky” the most dreaded Kidnapper, who was declared wanted by the State Government with a Bounty of #30 million Naira.

– That the purported Kidnap or hijack of a Commercial Bus carrying Students is false baseless and not verifiable but only exists in the imagination of mischief makers.

–  That preliminary Investigation carried out, including interfaces and interviews with the School Authorities revealed that no such thing happened.

– It is also important to note that no family or parents reported a case of missing person and more importantly that the Polytechnic in question has been on Holidays and only resumed yesterday 1/3/2021 with scanty activities, which clearly negatives the online report.

The police PRO ended by telling the public to disregard the report, as same is fake news and only intended to overheat the security situation in the Statet, as the new Commissioner of Police, CP Eboka Friday is irrevocably committed to protecting the lives and property of all the residents of the State, while soliciting for the support and cooperation of all and sundry.

Meanwhile, the CP has ordered more Investigation into the report and in the same vein warning all harbingers of fake news to desist forthwith or face the full weight of the law.

Nnamdi Omoni PRO

By Dez Mayorz

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