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Opobo Will Be Celebrating 150 Years Of Existence -Rt Hon Enyiada Clifford Cookey-Gam, says Opobo remains a legendary and historic land.

The Opobo/Nkoro legislative leader, representing Ward 4 in the Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area, Rt Hon Enyiada Clifford Cookey-Gam has reacted to the legendary nature of Opobo, says the land will continue to be a place of high significance till the taste of time.

This he said when Dez Mayorz Media visited him on his DMOMA Award nomination. He enumerated the vision to keep the town peaceful and historic.

Below is some of the excerpt from the brief Media chat with Rt Hon Enyiada Clifford.

On The DMOMA Award Nomination….

“I must thank those who nominated me for this prestigious DMOMA Award, am two years in office as a legislative leader of Opobo/Nkoro legislative Assembly.”

“We have achieved alot and as a grassroot-man who believes in individual and team work,
I maintain my relationship with the people, because I believe that am in the office for the people.”

On the legendary nature of Opobo town:

“Opobo is an ancient and historic City that will live to the taste of time, endowed with personalities and geographical landmark that attracts tourists always…..
The elites are doing their best to ensure Opobo/Nkoro remain peaceful with his legendary values.”

“Opobo Kingdom will be celebrating 150 years of existence in December. And that’s great!”

On Nkoro tribe demanding to produce the next Local Government chairman:

“It’s not just them, I believe that leadership rotates, but I think it is a party issue and the party will come up with a program. The current Chairman is doing great and also fully qualified to go back.
I am just an individual and the party is supreme when it comes to such development.”

On South East and South South being marginalised.

“The sharing formula in this country is not balance. We are not fully represented especially the oil producing region. We are marginalised in appointment of principal officers. And this has to be fully look into.”

“Once more, I must thank those that nominated me for this prestigious DMOMA Award, we will continue to create impact.” – Rt Hon Enyiada Clifford Cookey-Gam.

DMOMA Award is an Online Media Award that awards people of excellence in South East and South South with the aim to encourage them to do more.


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