Obadiah Mailafia’s wife has visited the Department of State Services (DSS) office in Jos, Plateau State, after the agency invited her husband for claiming that a northern governor is one of the leaders of the Boko Haram sect.

Mailafia, who was the 2019 presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), had made the claim during an interview with a radio station in Lagos.

As of the time of filing this report, Mailafia was still being grilled at the Jos office of the DSS.

His wife, who was on the premises of the state security service in Jos on Tuesday, said ‘the truth must be told’.She added, “I don’t know how to express my sincere appreciation. For me to see wonderful people who have left all your duties…highly placed people in our society…to come and stand in solidarity with my husband.

“You that are here are the ones that have been interacting closely with Dr Obadiah Mailafia.

You know his nature; he is not a violent man. The only hope and prayer of Dr Obadiah Mailafia is for him to see Nigeria reach the highest level among the developed nations.

“And what is going on in our country today…if this is the trend we are taking, I don’t see that happening. Because the truth must be told. What we have on ground today will not take us anywhere. You can only give what you have.”

Dez Mayorz Media reported Mailafia Obadiah testimony that Boko Haram Planning Civil War In 2022, Northern Governor Head Of Insurgents.

Mailafia Obadiah, former African Democratic Congress, ADC, presidential candidate, has exposed the alleged plans of Boko Haram for Nigeria.

Obadiah, who was a former deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, alleged that Boko Haram insurgents are plotting to start a civil war in Nigeria by 2022.

He disclosed this during an interview on Nigerian Info while speaking on the Southern Kaduna killings.

Obadiah said Boko Haram insurgents are also planning to invade and kill prominent Nigerians in their homes in urban cities.

He claimed this would be done after they have wiped out Nigerians in the rural areas.

According to the former presidential candidate, the insurgents are planning to carryout this act in phases.

Stressing that a Northern governor was the overall Commander of Boko Haram, Obadiah disclosed that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government has a hand in the killings in Southern Kaduna.

When asked about the killing in Southern Kaduna, Obadiah said: “We have good reasons to believe that government is part and parcel of the killers. The body language of this administration shows clearly that they have a hand in the killings, no doubt about it.

Let me make some revelations because some of us have our internal security networks, we have met with some of the bandits high Commanders who have repented and they told us that one of the Northern governors is the Commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

“Boko Haram and bandits are one and the same, they have a sophisticated network, during the lockdown their planes were moving up and down with ammunitions, logistics, money and distributing them in different parts of the country.

They are already in the rain forest of the South, they are everywhere. The told us that when they finish this ruler killings, they would move to phase two.

“In phase two, they will go into the urban cities, moving from house to house killing prominent people.

“I can tell you this is their game plan and by 2022, they want to start a civil war in Nigeria.”

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