Igo Aguma

Igo Aguma.

High Court Reaffirms Igo Aguma as Caretaker Committee Chairman of Rivers APC.

… Grant’s Perpetual Injunction Restraining Sokonte, Ors From Parading Themselves.

Justice Chuku of the Rivers State High Court, in the case between Golden Ben Chioma (claimant) vs Dr. Davies Sokonte, Ors (1st -3rd defendant) and Rivers State APC caretaker Committee Chairman, Hon. Igo Aguma (4th defendant) rules that:

1. Against the argument of the 1st – 2nd defendant that the claimant has no Locus Standi to institute a matter for the 3rd defendant, the claimant being a card carrying member of the party and a Statutory member of the State Executive Committee, has the right to institute a case to ventilate his grievance.

2. The application of the 1st & 2nd defendant for a ‘Stay of Execution’ on the order of the 24/6/2020 was dismissed on the grounds that the applicant hasn’t been able to prove or show that there is a special circumstances for the application, and that the court cannot deprive a litigant a fair hearing for his grievances. The application for a stay of execution is unmeritorious. The 1st and 2nd Defendants can’t benefit from their illegality. This application is hereby dismissed!

3. On the substantive matter: having examined the processes and the actions of the 1st & 2nd defendant, their actions are not supported by law. The court holds that the actions of the 1st and 2nd (Sokonte Davies and Andrew Uchendu) defendants Amounts to impunity. They do not possess the power to convene and hold a meeting without the knowledge of the 4th defendant.

The suspension of the 4th defendant (Igochukwu Aguma) is invalid and hereby declared Null and Void!

An order of perpetual injunction is hereby granted, restraining the 1st and 2nd defendant (Sokonte & Ors) from holding any meeting or acting on behalf of the 3rd Defendant(APC).

An order of perpetual injunction is hereby granted that the 1st and 2nd defendant (Sokonte, Ors) is restrained from parading itself as the 4th defendant.

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