2 Things You Are Not Aware Your Xender App Can Do.


I have discovered some capabilities on Xender which you don’t know Xender is a cross-platform where record sharing of application takes place which uses a wi-fi connection to switch files,pictures,music and motion pictures(Videos) at lightning speed.

However, an updated Xender Application provides the following additional functions:

1. Status Saver

2. Conversion of Video to Mp3 (Audio)

Instead of occupying your smartphone reminiscence/memory with WhatsApp Status Saver, an up to date version of Xender provides exactly this same function. You can keep films from Facebook and Instagram as well by using this same features.

How to store statuses with the use of your Xender app

Open your XENDER app

There are five alternatives listed at the bottom as follows


* Game

* An icon for activating sending and receiving of files

* Social

* Me

Click on Social, herto concentrate acebook and Instagram could be confirmed on a sparkling page. Connect your respective accounts and start to save your favorite status stories.

Note: With your Data on

How to convert movies to audio record the use of your Xender app

At times the history track of a specific video may seize your attention to the extent of you wanting to concentrate to it on a repeat mode. The first of the five alternatives of XENDER software has a function which allows you to pick any video of your choice and convert it into Mp3. This doesn’t require data.



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