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Stop Insulting Uniport Senate And Congregation – Prof. Asimia Blasts Prof. Efemini.

– Says the University Council Will Continue to do everything possible to protect the image of the school.

– Calls Prof. Efemini an “agboro” professor.

A topflight Professor in the University of Port Harcourt,
Department of Crop and Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture,
with the name Prof A. Asimia, has countered the article written by Prof. Andrew Efemini, where Prof. Efimini describes The Dissolved Council As Taking Joy In Arts Of Illegality.

The Uniport lecturer Prof. A. Asimia refute the claims, says it’s all lies and evil.

This he said in a public Press Release obtained by DEZ MAYORZ Media and other news media.

He considered the article written by Prof Efemini to be improficient and insulting to the Senate and Congregation of the University of Port Harcourt.

He affirmed that every eligible person is free and have the right to contest or vote for any contestant of their choice, including Professor Andrew Efemini.

Below is the signed Press Release obtained by DEZ MAYORZ Media.


Ordinarily one should overlook the publication of Professor Andrew Efemini in the Pinnacle Report as it sounds more like that of ba praise singer. However, there is more to this article than the message it seems to convey.

I consider it an insult of the highest form for anyone to insinuate that the Senate and Congregation of the University of Port Harcourt were manipulated in the election of Council members. Elections to these bodies of the University is publicised and conducted on the floor of Senate and Congregation respectively. Every eligible person was free to contest or vote for any contestant of their choice, including Professor Andrew Efemini.
It’s pertinent to inform the reading public about the composition of the Senate and Congregation of any Nigerian University and to prove that such a body is not susceptible to manipulation by anyone. The Senate is made up of all principal officers, all professors, all provosts and deans of Faculties, all heads of departments, all directors of centres and institutes in the University. The Congregation is, on the other hand composed of all academic staff of the University and all staff of the University that are degree holders from any recognized University in Nigeria and the world over.
The questions now begging for answers are, who manipulated these elite organs of the University? For what purpose were they manipulated? Why is Prof. Efemini the only member of Senate and Congregation that is challenging the decisions made by these bodies over one year and a half ago? Why did the Council members who Prof Efemini claimed to have been wrongfully removed (what he now terms manipulation) from Council not challenge their removal? Why is Efemini not telling the world that he was reprimanded by the Senate over this reckless claim of manipulation and that he apologized to Senate with a promise to be of good conduct going forward?

While the Federal Government and the visitor to the University appoint the external members of Council, the Senate and Congregation nominate and elect their representatives to Council based on the regulations set by Senate and Congregation.

Any amendments made to existing rules are made on the floor of Senate and Congregation by majority vote.

These are the elements that speak to University autonomy.
As a member of Senate Prof Efemini should have voted against change in the tenor of Council Representatives.
If he was in minority, then he had his say but the majority had their way. Professor Efemini has not told the world why the pendulum must swing his way.

Does he want to install a Vice Chancellor he can arm-twist, blackmail and get away with spurious claims? Are his reasons pecuniary?

It is the prerogative of the President to appoint and replace Council members and in his wisdom the Visitor has acted.

The university community will continue to strive to ensure that men of impeccable character are appointed to positions of responsibility.

Ours is an academic society and not a village union.
All the things you stated in your write up were also canvassed by you and your group in Federal High court and your matter was thrown out in both Abuja and Port Harcourt Divisions. What is wrong with you, Efemini?
You behave like a motor park ‘Agboro’, for want of what word to use. How did you become a Professor? You don’t behave like one. Your activities need to be checked before you destroy a unique University that many have laboured over the years to build to enviable heights.


Prof A. Asimia
Department of Crop and Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Port Harcourt.

All DEZ MAYORZ effort to contact Prof. Andrew Efemini at the time of filing this report was futile.

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