Gov Wike’s Hotel Demolition: Why I Am In Total Support – Dez Mayorz Boss Narrates

Wike’s Hotel Demolition: Why I am in Total Support – Dez Mayorz Boss

Okoye Chidiebele Stephens (Port Harcourt)

It’s unfortunately fortunate that the Rivers State Governor, Gov Nyesom Wike demolished hotels in Port Harcourt for violating the COVID-19 executive orders.

There are so many reactions on the governor’s action which people are entitled to make their opinion known.

As a media personel who has been effectively following the Rivers State politics and activities, after serious enquiry and investigation.
I can proudly say that i am in support of Gov Nyesom Wike’s action.

In the cause of enforcing the Rivers State lockdown and hoteliers guidelines.
About 12 hotels violated the lockdown.
Out of the 12 hotels, Gov Wike cautioned and closed others and demolished Prudent Hotel.
The question now is why Prudent hotel?

No one wants to see his child disobey him, especially when other children from another home is obeying….
How can a PDP youth leader who suppose to join in enforcing the lockdown, is disobeying the governor’s executive order and even shot the Task Force that came to instruct him to close a mega party holding in the hotel.

How it all happened.

The state governor Nyesom Wike ordered a total shutdown in Rivers state to enable the state Covid-19 task force team work adequately since Thursday.
On Saturday, the PDP Youth Leader in Eleme, Rivers State was said to have ignored the state governor’s order thereby throwing a heavy party at the hotel which has in attendance a large number of people who came to party and merry at the hotel in Eleme.

The situation report was sent to the state governor Nyesom Wike who later sent the Covid-19 task force teams to the scene to stop the party, the message was sent to the hotel owner at Eleme who refuse to obey the governor’s order.
Later on, the Covid-19 Taskforce team tried stopping the party but unknown to the Taskforce team that hotel owner has a gun which he pointed at the covid -19 taskforce team and shot one of the Taskforce team member and flee immediately.

All means to reach the Eleme youth leader by the governor prove abortive which amount to the demolition of the hotel under the supervision of the governor.

If I were in Gov Wike’s shoe, I will do the same to set example for anyone who violate the executive order. It’s unfortunate Prudent Hotel was a victim, but it’s fortunate that Gov Wike is seriously fighting the war against COVID-19.

How can a PDP leader who suppose to propagate the governor’s lockdown be among the person disobeying it? Unacceptable.

I don’t agree with the State Governor in some of his governing principle, but this action of his, shows that he is ready to protect and safeguard the lives of the people in this COVID-19 era irespective of party affiliation, tribe and influence.
I support the Governor of Rivers State on this decisive decision made.

The governor has mapped out 5million naira for whistle blower with vital information on the whereabout of the Eleme PDP Youth leader.

Rivers State has recorded a total of 21 COVID-19 cases. Low number compare to major cities in Nigeria.

Dez Mayorz report.

Okoye Chidiebele

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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