Two reasons why Yoruba media PUNCH finally call Buhari “Tyrants ” Dictator ”

PUNCH newpaper released a statement condemning the Nigeria president dictatorship….straight to the point.

1. Sacked Yoruba FIRS.
PUNCH have been a Yoruba dominated media controlled by Tinubu. So when FG sacked Tinubu right hand man in FIRS, it was a slap on Tinubu’s face, so Tinubu media have to fight back, and they are doing that aggressively.

2. Sowore re-arrest.
The re-arrest of Sowore by the Fulani dominated Federal government is another slap, not to Tinubu but on the entire Yoruba tribe.
Even the vice president postponed an award event made for him, as his own way of protesting…..

Recall that the presidency led by the Fulani dominated Federal government have been disobeying court orders, on Dasuki, Nnamdi Kanu, Shi’ites, others, but PUNCH wasn’t concern because they were busy programming Bola Tinubu for president 2023.
Instead they were writing against Nnamdi Kanu and other victims of the tyrant. Even IPOB at a point said no to PUNCH newspapers in South East and South south as a result of the PUNCH written propapanga against them….

Now that the dictator has turned to their Yoruba brothers, they started crying foul play…. Let me stop here before they tag it hate speech.

The point is:
The dictator method of governance must be halted irespective of the tribe (person) involved….

Okoye Chidiebele Stephens



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