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A Nigerian woman who recently made the news for being involved in the same ‘miracles’ with several pastors has finally been located
– According to Chris Kehinde Nwandu (CKN) on Facebook, Bose Ola gave her reasons for visiting several churches for miracles,her reasons vindicated the men of God involved.
– Bose explained that she had visited several churches to find healing for her deformed arm but the problem always resurfaced after a few days of getting healed
Nigeria might be regarded as a very religious country with her citizens never joking with things concerning God. However, some dubious individuals have banked on this to make false claims and deceive gullible people.
Just recently, the news of a woman who had been ‘healed’ by multiple pastors of her deformed arm made the rounds on social media.

In several videos circulated on the internet, the woman was spotted at several churches in what appeared to be a theatrical healing to deceive the crowd. Some people even named her the miracle vixen for appearing in so many miracle videos.
Woman involved in miracle vixen scandal finally located, shared her side of the story Photos: @nvoguehair / Instagram
Many Nigerians on the internet shared their opinions on the ‘miracle’ with many of them bashing pastors. However, the lady has now been located by one Chris Kehinde Nwandu (CKN) on Facebook and she shared her side of things.

The woman identified as Bose Ola revealed to CKN that her arm became deformed as a result of an accident she was involved in two years ago and that she has since then visited several pastors in and outside Nigeria to find healing.

According to her, after getting healed by those pastors, the deformity comes back after a few days. Bose also explained that she is now permanently healed after visiting one Prophet Chris Okafor.
She said: “Truly whenever I attend such churches I get healed but my ailment relapses after two days.”

“Once they heal me ,I feel no pains but after two days after, the pains returns, the reason I continue visiting various churches for a permanent healing.”
Speaking on the allegations that she collected huge sums of money to participate in the ‘miracles’, Bose denied the claims.

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