Deputy speaker markets Rivers State.

How Rivers State deputy speaker Rt Hon Ehie Edison markets Rivers State with his attributes

The Rivers State House of Assembly deputy speaker Rt Hon Ehie Ogerenye Edison has revealed how he uses his rare breed attributes, brand and his office to market Rivers State to the world.
This he told Dez Mayorz Nigeria at the New Generation Rivers Youth Summit 2019 that took place at Ignatius Ajuru University Port Harcourt. The summit was convened by Bright Jossy.
He revealed the attributes in him that helps him to be achieving success for the betterment of Rivers State, which he centred on humility, consistency and being trustworthy.

Speaking to Dez Mayorz Nigeria, below are some of the excerpts.

DEZ MAYORZ NIGERIA : Nigerians see you as the youth brand who markets Rivers State effectively. You honour youth outings and also Entertainment events that other politicians find it difficult to attend, What’s unique in you that help you achieve all these ?

Rt Hon Ehie Edison Ogerenye : My appearance and honouring Youth programs is self inbuilt, selflessness is the key.
If we must sell Rivers Brand, we must participate and engage people, especially the youths, share ideas on various ways to be successful in all we do. Humility is very important. I try to avoid so much protocols that involve with power and government and create enable environment and atmosphere to effectively engage the people and encourage the youth. Everyone must not be in politics. There are so many ideas we can engage people on by direct interface with them, we share ideas. In overall things get better and everyone become successful.

DEZ MAYORZ Media: Do you believe politics is the most lucrative job in Rivers State?

Rt Hon Ehie Ogerenye Edison:
Politics is all about leadership and a way of life. Everyone is a politician, it depends on if you want to be actively or passively involved. Businesses in Rivers State are booming, just that the media is not reporting it effectively to the world.
Like other states, Rivers State may face little challenges, but overall things are going well. Business is striving.

Dez Mayorz Media : ….on serial killing of young girls in hotels.

Rt Hon Ehie Edison Ogerenye :
The Rivers State lawmakers have condemned the dibolic act. We are sensitising young girls on the safety measures. We are yet to identify the people, group or person responsible for this evil act. It’s a serious security issues and security agencies are working and will definitely get to the perpetrator(s).

Dez Mayorz Media : Thank you Honourable.

Rt Hon Ehie Ogerenye Edison : Thank you, I appreciate.

The Rivers State deputy speaker Rt Hon Ehie Ogerenye Edison is nominated for 2019 DMOMA Award under the youth impart category together with Hon Chukwudi Dimkpa, Mayor Victor Ihunwo Nyeche, Charles Anyanwu, among others.

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