Indefatigable IPOB protest in Igboland against RUGA, ask Shi’ites not to give up upon proscription.

IPOB protest against RUGA

The indefatigable members of IPOB protest against RUGA on Monday. They embarked on a peaceful protest against the establishment of Ruga in Igbo land.

The group which moved round the major streets of Abakaliki, capital city of Ebonyi state expressed dissatisfaction with the killings, rapping, kidnappings and other vices going on in the country.

The Supreme leader of IPOB Maazi Nnamdi Kanu urged the proscribed Shiites to emulate IPOB and fight for their right whether proscribed or not.

When we said no inch or quarter of our blessed land of Biafra will be surrendered to Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) a.k.a Fulani herdsmen, the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world in the guise of RUGA, Waterways Bill or Nigerian Army Cattle Ranch, we meant it.

Our priests, mothers, fathers and children reinforced that message today when they took to the streets of Abakaliki Ebonyi State capital to remind the weak minded, two-faced governors from the East that we mean business. There will be no RUGA anywhere on Biafran soil.

I encourage Shiites across the north and elsewhere to emulate the resillience of IPOB by continuing with their lawful protest and religious activities without fear. Proscription or no proscription, we IPOB have continued to march, evangelise, sensitise and prepare for the coming of Biafra.” -Nnamdi Kanu.

Leader of the group who protested, Bishop Nwachinemere Stanley who addressed journalists in Abakaliki shortly after the protest described ruga as a secret agenda of the Fulani’s aimed at taken away the land belonging to some zones.

He said that the demonstration by IPOB clergy department was to liberate south-east zone from such plan.

He said,” We took our journey from Mechanic village(site). From site to Ogoja road down to Gunning road, from Gunning down to Abacha round about, from Abacha round about to new market road, from there to Vanco, from Vanco to Afikpo road to Spera-in-Deo, from Spera-in-Deo down to site where we took off.

“We are members of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) in the clergy department called Supreme Clergy Council of Biafra(SCCOB), we are thereligious arm of Biafra restoration.

“Today, we the clergy and other departments in IPOB came out to express our dissatisfaction on the happenings in Nigeria including their evil plan to establish Ruga in Igboland. We are not in support of this their evil agenda, are totally against Islamization of Igboland. We are Biafrans, we are not Fulanis.

“Security agencies tried to stop us but we resisted them and protested successfully against Ruga because we are preachers, we should stand out to speak the truth. We are called for freedom and we are not after anybody’s sorry or tears, we are deliverers. Security agents shot at us and I sustained a facial injury which I thank God is not serious.

“This Ruga is a Fulani term, it is a secret plan to occupy indigenous land of our people and that is why we no. if you want to come to a particular city to do a business, you have to liaise with the people and not to secrete rob them indirectly. No matter what they call this their evil plan, we reject every Islamic agenda.

“The scripture said in Ezekiel 30:28 that God is looking for a man to sand the gap that the land might be free and that is what we have chosen to do.  So, we are saying enough of Fulani Islamic agenda, enough of raping of our women, enough of killing innocent people without a reason, kidnapping.”

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