Mayor One year in office: 10 Applaudable Things Mayor Victor Ihunwo and his team have done in Port Harcourt City within a year.

Mayor One year in office.

Mayor is a Year in office: 10 applaudable Things Mayor Victor Ihunwo and his team have done in Port Harcourt City.

Big congratulations to Port Harcourt City Mayor Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche JP with his deputy that are one year in office today.

DEZ MAYORZ NIGERIA takes a look at his one year journey and achievements in carrying out his administrative duties.
The amiable Mayor of Port Harcourt City Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche JP who is excessively loved by his people for his collective democratic governance in the city.

The former Rivers State lawmaker emerged the elected Local Government chairman of Port Harcourt City mid last year(June 18, 2018.). Ever since, he has been using his office to serve the masses, ensuring they enjoy the dividends of democracy.
Below are the major projects.

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Port Harcourt City mayor is a man who loves ICT and he has embarked on such project. He started with the building of modern responsive official website where every official information is made available for the public. ( )

It will also serve as data base in due time. His electronic media and social media team are consistently bridging in the gap between the local government and the people with all the neccesary information they need to know.

2. Works and projects on Infrastructure and facilities.
Mayor Victor Ihunwo reconstructed and renovated Port Harcourt City Council secretariat and Mayor’s quarters up-to standard.

Equipped the council especially the parliament with facilities including gigantic lister for effective generation of electricity. He has upgraded the dipilated structures he inherited in the council. He has shown spirit of togetherness as he bought councillors official cars to carry out their respective assignments effectively.

3. Security.
Port Harcourt City remains one the most peaceful city in Nigeria and West Africa, as Mayor Victor Ihunwo Nyeche and his deputy Mrs Marian Fiberesima together with security and civil defence members continue to ensure that lives and property are protected. Night life is safe now in Port Harcourt City.

4. Economy.
Mayor Victor Ihunwo alliance and togetherness with Rivers State governor, Gov Nyesom Wike in economy has yielded fruits for betterment of Rivers State economy.
His Internal revenue team are up and doing and results are seen, as Rivers State is rated number one in Internal Revenue generation.

5. Human capital Development.
Apart from Governor Nyesom Wike, no other person have involved in human capital development in the city than Port Harcourt City Mayor Victor Ihunwo Nyeche in the last one year. (May 2018 – May 2019).
He so much believe in human capital development. Providing jobs and enabling working environment for his people. Ever since his emergence as the Mayor of port Harcourt City, the Local government workers have always receive their salary at when due without being owed.

He has empowered over 1,500 persons in his first 8Months in office, some as his appointees and assistants.
The rate in which he empowers the people of Port Harcourt City make so many to call and hail him excess power.

6. Environmental and sanitation.
Everyone is now testifying on how clean, organized and decongested Port Harcourt City is. His traffic decongestion and roads sanitation has yielded great results, especially the Bishop Okoye street, Garrison, Waterlines and Eagle Island. Bringing Port Harcourt City back to his garden city beauty.

7. Mayor of the people( Man of Service).
The Mayor of Port Harcourt city Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche doesn’t hide from his people. He is always available to listen to his people and support them irrespective of their age, tribe, class and even the political party they belong.
He always take his time in his office to patiently and consistently listen to his people.

Mayor attending to Port Harcourt people

This is one of the major reasons why he is so much loved, leading to so many people calling him “Excess power ” man of the people! The crowd that visit him in his office everytime will “shock you”.

8. Youth and women empowerment.
It’s crystal clear that 95% of Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche appointees are youth, with some at their early 20’s. He touches all sector to improve the lives of the youth, both in education and craftsmanship. Women are effectively represented in his appointment.Even non indigenes are included.

The streets children and boys are not left out, because the Lord Mayor knows how to touch the lives of his people.
There is no street or area that Port Harcourt City mayor will enter that the crowd will not mob him with love and affection, He is “The black panther” of Port Harcourt.

9.  Health sector.
Deputy Mayor Mrs Marian Fiberesima who is also the supervisor of health in the council has ensured that the public get access to medical aids and support, especially in the primary and secondary health sector.

10. Rated number 1 Mayor in Nigeria.
Port Harcourt City Local government chairman (PHALGA) in Rivers State,
Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche also refers as EXCESS POWER/VOKOR/BLACK PANTHER is currently the Online Media Practioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN) number one rated local government chairman in Nigeria.

The pace of Port Harcourt Mayor shows he is going to be the best LG chairman ever in history of Nigeria. He has given so many youths and women job and empowerment.
He has transformed the Port Harcourt City Council secretariat (Phalga council).
He is set to use ICT and development to attract more investors to Rivers State.
The Mayor doesn’t hide from his people. He is always available to listen to his people and support them irrespective of their age, class and even the political party they belong.

Big congratulations to Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche JP for his one year in office.
Congratulations to deputy Mayor Marian Fiberesima.
Congratulations to Port Harcourt City.


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