Reason why Biafrans (especially Igbos and Efik) are predominantly Catholics.

Biafrans are Catholics.

Incase you wonder why Igbo’s have the highest Catholic population.

You can connect it to the Biafra War,
When majority other Missionaries ran away to their countries for fear (which is normal) the Catholic Priests mostly the Irish Priests stayed back to give aid to the dying Kids and Women.

Some of them were Sailors some Pilots, they brought in Foods and Medications even when the international World abandoned the Igbos.

Biafrans are predominantly Catholics and not jews or other Christian seperated brethren.

Where it seemed difficult due to the heat of the war, they will carry by sea some seriously affected ones and flee to nearby countries including South Africa and Gabon for treatment.


Many of them where cought in crossfire and killed, many fell ill but wont leave but prefer to keep helping till they die here…as their own selfless sacrifice…

They secretly married those inlove or those who had Kids but not married and baptized them.
They also baptized the dying and the sick befor they died…

With all that they won Souls by their Good Works and Actions not by SWAGGA TALK TALK like we hear today…not even by Preaching bible cuz their was no much time. Not by wearing big Jewish gown and rope either.

They spent their own Money without asking for TITHES – i mean, like who will you ask to Pay Titles?
who will you be telling you won’t make heaven if you don’t pay TITHES? The war dying poor hungry people who have lost all they had???

And thats the reason why no Igbos should castigate or abuse the Church, because it it obvious they know NOTHING about their History of misery if they castigate the church.

The question now is, if we had the type of Churches we have today, what would’ve happened? Then we will see the real motive behind a Private Jet.

Biafrans are predominantly Christians!

And Biafrans predominantly Catholics and not jews or separated Christian brethren.


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