Catholics in politics.

2019 Laity Week.

Laity Week: Catholic Church in Nigeria charges all the members to get involved in active politics and be a card carrying party member.

The on-going 2019 Laity Week program taking place concurrently across all the Catholic parishes in Nigeria (especially in Rivers State) with the theme:

“Catholics in politics, the panacea for good governance, peace and national development” has been an interesting one so far”.

The church calls on the faithfuls to achieve and exercise positions of governance, organised to control over a human community.

Catholics must get involved in politics even if it may be “dirty,” frustrating and fraught with failure, Pope Francis said.
Given today’s “throwaway” culture and so many problems unfolding in the world politics, “should we as Catholics watch from our balcony and do nothing? No, we can’t watch from the balcony. Get right in there!” he said.

Christians have a duty to work for the common good in the world of politics, the pope added, it does not mean forming a Catholic political party.
“That is not the way. The church is the community of Christians who adore the Father, follow the way of the Son and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is not a political party,” he said.

However, individual Catholics must get involved and “embroiled” in politics, he said, because it is one of the “highest forms of charity” since it seeks the common good.
Yet, it isn’t easy, especially when there is so much corruption, he said. “It’s a kind of martyrdom” where one carries the cross of the ideal of the common good every day “without letting yourself be corrupted” or discouraged in the midst of failure.

It is hard to be in the middle of it all “without getting your hands or heart a little dirty,” he said. “Ask the Lord to help you not sin, but if you get your hands dirty, ask for forgiveness and keep going;” don’t get discouraged.

DEZ MAYORZ Nigeria were in the Church Of The Ascension Catholic Church, Eagle Island, Port Harcourt, on 8th April, 2019 for the Day 2 of the Laity Week that is going concurrently across the nation.
The speaker of the Day 2 topic in Eagle Island, Mr Cyril Onyekwere, spoke on ” Laity and catholic social teachings”.

Mr Cyril Onyekwere reminded the Catholic faithfuls that they are the foot soldiers of the church. He urged them to always carry out the church social teachings.

“….Is very necessary to embrace and practice justice, to love, to be the light of the world, defend the weak/sick always, promote the teachings of the church, be good foot soldiers of the church…., be actively involved in politics, follow natural family planning set aside by church, and carry out our civil responsibilities” – Mr Cyril Onyekwere said.

The Catholic Church needs men and women of integrity in politics, those who will not compromise the truth. politicians who are focused on development and transformation of our society. The church needs policitians in love with God and ready to allow their faith to shape their public practices. We need politicians that are change agents and not bureau de change.
Nigeria need the politicians who are ready to use their time, talents and treasures, not those who will siphon the treasures of the people. We need all the politicians who belong to all the people and not just a few, their own cabal or clan. The church need compassionate leaders, not arrogant tyrants and oppressors.

Can we find some in the Church? Are they ready for the challenge ahead?
If yes, get in there!

The 2019 laity Week in Nigeria continues in every Catholic Church parishes in Nigeria(especially in Rivers State) and ends on Sunday 14th April 2019.

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