Smart Minds Audition contest.

$90,000 Scholarship for Grabs (Audition to be part of Smart minds contest).

Smart minds Audition.
$90,000 Scholarships Grabs.

African most promising educational contest.
Step up, engage, emerge.

1 House, 12 contestants, 3 winners.

For young school leavers, 16 years and above.

Apply via


It covers $90,000 tuition free scholarships for grab (All expenses covered) at All Nations University College, Ghana.

No JAMB/UME , no post UME, no aptitude test, SAT, TOEFL.

Application and registration starts on March – 14th May (Tuesday) 2019.

Audition =
15th – 22nd May 2019(Nigeria).

24th – 31st May 2019(Ghana).

2nd – 4th June 2019(Seira Leone),

6th – 8th June 2019(Liberia).

Apply now! click to apply.


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