Maurice Iwu and Buba Galadima arrested.

The election results to be announced by INEC to declare Mohammadu Buhari as winner is nothing but a pre planned result, a padded fraud designed by the leadership of the All Progressive Congress, APC, to get victory at all cost. Where is Maurice Iwu,m and Buba Galadima?

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Mid 2018, the leadership of the APC met to determine how best to get result for Buhari in the 2019 election. They were so worried when it became known that the second term ambition of Buhari does not seem to go down well with majority of Nigerians. They sought for INEC support.

The INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu has not been in the good books of the cabal. Amina Zakari, the family member of Buhari had told the cabal that Yakubu is sympathetic to the Shi’ite movement and may not do a deal to help Buhari get a second term. The cabal met to plan.

The Cabal met and told Buhari and sought his blessings to do some minor shuffling in INEC. Buhari agreed. They reached out to Mahmood Yakubu. Instead, Yakubu, sensing what was coming, redeployed Amina to Welfare. The cabal got angry and reached out to Buhari again.

After much pressure, Yakubu caved in. Amina was named the Coordinator/ Chairman of the National Collation/Situation Center. Now, the cabal needed to know what’s up with the INEC IT department. They wanted to know how results are received there. They were briefed. They met to plan

The Cabal met the head of the INEC IT to seek for help on how to manipulate the results. They used Amina and she dropped the President’s name, threatened the IT dept and they caved in. Soon as the IT Dept in INEC caved in and Amina was coordinating, it was time to get the figures.

The APC leadership went to work, They met and did analysis of how and what could be acceptable figures. They designed the results state by state and ensured that in states where Buhari may likely not get a lot of votes, he at least got his constitutionally required 25%.
Once the cooked election figures were ready, they handed them to the IT dept to input in its system. The fake and cooked up results were inserted in the INEC system.

But unknown to the cabal/Amina, Maurice Iwu, a one time INEC chairman has loyalists in INEC.
Iwu, an election consultant to PDP got the fake result, studied it and handed copies to PDP leaders. The PDP leaders studied the fake result and discreetly sent same to the International Community and election observers to put them on notice.

On election day, the APC leadership had a task. To ensure that the fake results they gave to INEC IT Dept tallies with what was coming from the polling units. To make that happen, through Amina, they got INEC ballot papers, had loyalists thumb print them to tally with the fake.
They also had soldiers snatch boxes, hand them over to APC thugs in designated areas to thumb print to the same amount they had in the already submitted figures to INEC.

While elections were going on, information reached leadership of APC that the fake results they gave to the IT Dept had leaked to Maurice Iwu. Armed Operatives swiftly arrested Iwu.

Upon his arrest, they realized that Buba Galadima is also in the know. They arrested him too
The arrest is mainly to see how they can intimidate the two men to silence them from leaking the details of the fraud. Unknown to APC, not only are the leadership of the PDP in possession of the fake result, the international community is also in the know.

The leadership of the PDP is now waiting for INEC to release the figures they have and see if it tallies with the cooked figures. They are also demanding for the card reader machine to see the numbers of persons accredited and match them with the numbers of votes recorded.

Meanwhile, the authentic results captured by the PDP, using Cloud Technology has been released and has already started causing panic within the APC.

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Informaton reaching DEZ MAYORZ has it that Buba Galadima and Maurice Iwu has been released on bail.

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