Fr Chimaobi Cross Over prayer.

God will create a brand new you in 2019 – Fr Chimaobi cross over night anointing prayer.

The Southern Nigeria catholic priest Rev Fr Chimaobi Casmir Ohaji, who is the parish priest of the Church Of The Ascension, Catholic Church,Eagle Island, showers blessings and anointing to the Christian faithful, during the 2018/2019 Cross Over night Mass in Eagle Island.

It’s arguably the best and unforgettable Cross over night prayer ever in the history of Eagle Island, Port Harcourt.

Unlike some other men of God, Fr Chimaobi chose to pray, advise, bless and annoint the church faithful instead of giving prophecy on who will be the Nigerian president comes 2019.

Below are his cross over prophetic anointing prayers which Nigerian Christians proclaim and claim into their lives:

Answer To My Prayers


“The Lord has destined you to greatness, as we are about to cross over to 2019 tonight, I commissioned your divine mandate.
God’s Divine project in your life will manifest full in 2019.
Whatever enemies have stolen, stagnated or swallowed from you will be restored in full to you in 2019 in Jesus’s name, Amen”

“Whatever the enemies have projected towards you will not get to you, they will fall into their trap set for you in Jesus name, amen!”

Tonight, we are establishing and sealing a covenant before the altar where we celebrate the Holy Mass.
By the sacrifice of the cross, we come against any evil altar speaking evil against you and your family, and set you free from any bondage of sin.”

“Wherever you go in 2019, this altar will speak for you and guide you.”

The altar of Christ Jesus will float the spring of the living water into your life and liberate you with healing and bring light into your life.”

“Through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary, God will pour his blessings on you to uplift your business and job….”

With the prophetic anointing of Ezekiel chapter 37, I uproot every tree of dead in your life and uplift you into abundance life in 2019″

“By the power of the anointing of the priesthood, I disconnect you from any evil ancestral connection and free you from what you dont know in past, in Jesus name, Amen! ”

*”God is creating a brand new you in 2019″*

“Through this Mass, souls will be liberated and restored,
Joy in your family will be restored,
Healing and empowerment will be yours, the barren will conceive in Jesus name – Amen ”

“Father lord, we set the captivity free tonight as we established a new covenant that will bring joy and testimony to the children of God in 2019 in Jesus name, amen”

“The anointing you are going to receive tonight will break every evil chain in your life and trade your pain for joy in 2019,
the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the Calvary will cancel all your debts and sins in Jesus name. Amen!”

“I annoint you kings and queens,
every misfortune experienced in 2018 will end tonight because 2019 is a year of brand new you in Jesus name, Amen! ” – Fr Chimaobi Ohaji prayed and commissioned God’s blessings to the church faithful.

After the prophetic anointing prayers, Fr Chimaobi Ohaji anointed all the church faithful present.
He Blessed and consecrated the Holy Eucharist(communion) as Catholic faithfuls received the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Immediately after the Mass closing prayer, the church faithful were filled with the Holy Spirit as the congregation went rowdy dancing and praising Jesus Christ for over 40 minutes without stopping….

Fr Chimaobi Ohaji concluded by wishing the Christians all over the world a joyous and blissful 2019.

Fr Chimaobi Ohaji is a southern Nigeria priest whose nature of gospel song is accepted by all the Christians denomination due to his efficacy to inspire and uplift souls to God.

You can listen to some of his songs below.

Answer To My Prayers




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