Illuminati,  Schidi Flamboyant.

How God used Fr Simeon Nwosu to save Flamboyant (Schidi) from joining Illuminati group.

Southern Nigeria hip-hop artiste and the director of Dez Mayorz Nigeria-Flamboyant Schidi (Okoye Chidiebele Stephens)has revealed how God used Fr Simeon Nwosu to save him from joining Illuminati group last year June 2017.
He made this known during Media interaction with Cross RIvers State youth living in Port Harcourt.

“…..I served in Cross River State ( Gaken, Bekwarra LGA)….I am from Anambra State but I love RIvers state……

There is power in this World but Jesus Christ power is the ultimate and most reliable.

Last year June 2017, Illuminati group came to recruit me, one of them is a White man. They came via facebook, email and physical. Join and say yes to baphomet and u will be automatically Illuminated.-They told me. Their offer was very lucrative as shows and tour across UK (Spain, Germany, England, Belgium) started coming and I got a week to respond to their request.

My friend Chris Chukwu (Igwe) was with me then, I decided to consult my spiritual director Fr Simeon Nwosu (COTA parish priest then).
Fr Simeon counselled me, prayed for me and told me what to reply them, which I did…..

PpFew hours after saying no to their dibolic sweet promises, my tour and UK show were all cancelled.

It wasn’t easy ever since but Christ Jesus is in control.

So, in all you do, put God first and say no to any form of Satan offers and promises. Jesus will always see us through “-Schidi Flamboyant told Cross RIver youth.

He added by telling Christian leaders (Priest, pastors, prophets, Bishops) to always use their positions and connection to empower their church members.
“Every Church leader should empower aleast 10 of his church faithful yearly and fix them in top industries and top level services and recommend contracts to them…..
We all should also support our Christian Leaders and obey them always.

He concluded by inviting them to his forth coming show on 28th July, 2018.


By Dez Mayorz

Am Flamboyant. Oku!

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