Black soot.

Black Soot : Rivers State Government set to file a billion dollars suit on Buhari and FG.

The people of Rivers State are no longer happy with the way Federal Government is doing nothing about the black soot environmental hazard that have enveloped Rivers State since 2016.

This was made known by Rivers State Attorney General of justice – Aguma Emmanuel during his interview with channels TV.

He lamented over Federal government non challant attitude towards the health of Rivers State people.
‘The federal government controls Police and army and controls resources (oil) and also control environmental agencies. Yet they do nothing to curb or stop the black soot. We will file a law suit on Federal government because it’s a criminal offense and the health effect is genocidal. State government have been playing their role by closing down companies that release harmful and excessive carbon to the environment. ‘-Aguma added.

Earlier, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike accused the federal government of deliberately allowing black soot in Rivers State to massively reduce the population of Rivers State people, since it is not an APC State.

Black soot is real, it emanate from imperfect refinery and destruction of illegal refineries.

It is the total responsibility of Federal Government to work with Rivers State government to stop this harmful environmental hazard.

We suggest Rivers State governments to establish air quality monitoring stations to evaluate the quality of air particl

es that descend as black soot for laboratory research, analysis and possible solutions to curb the rising effects.

black soot on metal background


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