Duncan Mighty.

Duncan Mighty is not making any effort to promote his PH city – Don Flash (9jaupdate247 director ) blast Port Harcourt first son in contrary to CSplendor appraisal.

South Nigeria online personel and blogger – Don Flash has reacted to CSplendor post on Dezmayorz.org.
CSplendor showers praises on Duncan Mighty pedigree so far, But Don Flash has a contrary view. This is what Don Flash said to Dez Mayorz via whatsapp :
“I like Duncan but he his not making efforts to promote his city or maybe his afraid that one upcoming fit just come blow pass am. no nah, I am proud of people like Wizkid, Davido, Don Jazzy, Grafton for there impact in there cities and the lives the talented ones around them. These people I mentioned have in one way or another produced superstars or is Duncan selfish?
I like Duncan Mighty and I love his kind of music in fact I have all his albums track by track but am not proud of him. Duncan doesn’t want any artiste to be bigger than him in PH.”- Don Flash added.

Duncan Mighty is one of the topflight music brand in southern Nigeria. He has called a meeting and Summit to promote Port Harcourt brands (PHEF) but all the gatherings was futile and fraudulent without any results. Some peopDon Flash

Ple have accused him of cornering what the state government have brought in for good of Rivers State entertainment.

Many southern Nigerians are calling Duncan Mighty to do more in his city.

Click the link below to read CSplendor appraisal to Duncan Mighty.

CSplendor appraisal on Duncan Mighty

Watch Duncan Mighty new song (fake love ) below.


download the audio of CSplendor.




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