Six  Things Rivers People Accused RIWAMA Boss Prince Ohia Of, number 3 is misanthropic, inhumane and cruel.

RIWAMA under an acting sole administrator, Prince Ohia, recently has been under scrutiny and negative side of the news with so many accusations of bad doing since he became RIWAMA boss, making him the only one among the Rivers State Governor appointees under scrutiny.

Some of the things the Rivers people accused Ohia of are:

1. Contract favoritism and awarding a contract to his wife.
A group under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Leaders, allegedly accused the Acting Sole Administrator, Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA), Hon. Prince Ohia of favoritism, sabotage, and political witch-hunting in dealing with the affairs of the agency.

2. Employing his company staff into the government agency, his friends, and relatives, into the agency and leaving the professional and career-driven environmental experts.
Accused of hijacking the resources of the agency for himself.

3. Woman beater, misanthropic and anti-people.
RIWAMA Taskforce are fund for dehumanizing Rivers people especially old women; the taskforce headed by Prince Ohia recently brutalized mother and son into a stupor.

4. Accused of alleged recruitment of cultists into the agency’s task force.

5. Bullying of journalists and using the people’s tax money from the agency coffer to launch media propaganda against Port Harcourt blogger who reported about the brutal attack on Rivers woman and her son.

6. Indiscriminate parking of their unsterilized dirty vehicles and refuse in streets of Port Harcourt, such dirty unsterilized compactors and unpacked refuse is a strong avenue for possible Chlorera outbreak.

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