Rivers State Crisis: ALGON welcomes probe,
reject payment of emoluments and

– Refers Gov. Fubara’s CTC chairmen as usurpers.

– ⁠Tells supporters to remain calm.

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The Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Rivers State Chapter have reacted to the Rivers State Government under the leadership of His
Excellency, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, GSSRS, over the purportedly appointed and sworn-in Care-
Taker Committees to take over the 23 Local Government Councils of Rivers State.

Where the governor directed the probe of Local Govermment Accounts and the immediate payment
of outstanding emoluments and allowances to all democratically elected political office
holders in the Local Government Areas.

The ALGON through the press statement signed by Sir Allwell Ihunda DSSRS, categorically reject the planned payment of our emoluments and
allowances by those they refer as usurpers who claim to be Care-Taker Committees for Local
Governments in Rivers State.

ALGON said not only because Care-Taker Committees are
unconstitutional, unlawful and unknown to the Rivers State Local Government Law but
also because the matter of the expiration or otherwise of our tenure/term of office as
democratically elected Local Government Chairmen in the subject matter is a pending
litigation before the Courts and therefore subjudice.

They said they will not accept the payment of outstanding emoluments and allowances as
directed by the Governor of Rivers State until such a time when the Courts have considered
and resolved the legal issues involved between us and the Governor of Rivers State.

They find it rather curious and absurd to note that the same Governor of Rivers State who has been withholding Local Government Allocations/Funds including the emoluments and
allowances of democratically elected Political Office Holders in the Local Government
Councils, is now the one readily appointing illegal Caretaker Committees, releasing funds
to them and directing them to immediately pay the outstanding emoluments and allowances
to the same democratically clected Political Offce Holders, which he had been

‘It should by now be clear to even the visually impaired that the Governor is playing politics
with governance and is allowing his personal political interests to influence his official
conduct and decisions. This is inimical to the smooth running of the democratic process
instituted under the Nigerian Constitution and contrary to the specific oath of office which
he swore before God and Man.
The Governor who took the oath of office and swore to
uphold the law, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that he will not allow his personal interest to influence his official conduct or
official decisions” and that he will “do right to all manner of people, according to law,
without fear or favour, affection or ill-swill” is now the same person impeding the smooth
running of the System of Local Government by democratically elected Local Government
Councils by withholding their funds, refusing to call for the conduct of Local Government
Elections and appointing illegal Caretaker Committees who are told to operate from
anywhere because their efforts at taking over the Council Secretariats have failed.”

Rivers ALGON okayed the further directives of the Governor of Rivers State to call for the probe of Local Government Accounts and said
such a probe will be a welcome development at this time because it will not only afford
the democratically elected Council Chairmen the opportunity of rendering accounts of their
financial dealings under the leadership of Govenor Siminialayi Fubara GSSRS but will
also enable the Governor to testify as the principal witness of the Chairmen during the probe as to his role and involvement with Local Government Funds, which he withheld.

They also called on the
various bankers of the 23 Local Government Councils of Rivers State to respect the court
process and refrain from dealing with the Caretaker

Said they are an aberration unknown to the Constitution of Nigeria and the
Local Government Laws of Rivers State.

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