Ex-Boko Haram Member Turned Soldier Kills Woman in Enugu, Hides Body

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A woman’s lifeless body was found in the 82 Division barracks in Enugu, draped in a hijab, revealing a chilling crime within the military community.

The discovery was made by the daughter of an Army lieutenant who was delivering food to her father, working on a farm near the officers’ quarters. A knife, the apparent murder weapon, lay nearby.

The deceased, identified as Hauwa, was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with Pte Mohammed Adamu, a soldier in the division’s legal service, who has now been accused of her murder. Adamu, whose past includes membership in Boko Haram before joining the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) and later the Nigerian Army, allegedly lured Hauwa to Enugu where he committed the brutal act.

Sources revealed that Hauwa was pregnant, which became a pivotal motive in the tragedy as Adamu denied paternity and claimed he wasn’t ready to be a father.

The Southerners frowned at the sending of repented terrorists to their zones.
Despite previous denials from the Nigerian Army about recruiting former Boko Haram members, insiders assert that repented members first join the CJTF before being enlisted in the military.
The practice highlights ongoing debates within military and security circles about the rehabilitation and integration of former insurgents.

Currently, Pte Mohammed Adamu is detained by the military police, having confessed to the murder.

Dez Mayorz Report.

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