I knew I was going to be a professor since my primary school days – Prof. Dennis Brown Ewubare

– Tells the Government to engage more in poverty alleviation programs to tackle poverty problems in Nigeria.

– Narrates how he passionately pays students’ school fees with his salary.

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The Head of Department, Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Rivers State University, Prof. Dennis Brown Ewubare
has called on the Nigerian Government to engage more in poverty aleviation programs to tackle poverty problems in Nigeria.

This he said to newsmen and organizers of the prestigious DMOMA Awards in Port Harcourt.
Says poverty is much higher in Nigeria and affects the poorest of the poor.

“We are working to partner with the public and private sectors to help drive the economic development of the country.” – he said.

The HOD added that his department through conferences and other means will continue to take necessary steps to be visible and interact with the other sectors in Nigeria so that ideas and knowledge about what is happening to the nation, Africa, and the world at large can be shared.

“We always prepare for something that will add value to the University, to the department and also to our students.
We prepare our students for what is coming ahead.”

On his humanitarian support to the students, he said:

“There is no semester, there is no year that we don’t pay fees for the students and also buy textbooks for the students.
There was a semester I used all my salary to pay school fees and I went home with nothing.”
– Prof. Dennis Ewubare narrates.

He concluded by advising students to focus more on their studies and stay away from crimes and criminalities.
Said they can be whatever they dream to be.

“ Education is not a scam. I always knew I would be a professor someday since I was in primary school.
Well, I discovered that once you are educated, your lifestyle changes as well.” – Prof. Dennis Ewubare.

He eventually received his DMOMA award nomination letter, haven been nominated as the Educationist/Academia of the year in Nigeria.

Dez Mayorz Report.

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