A Rights activist, Malcolm Omirhobo, caused a mild drama at the Supreme Court as he protested the apex court’s ruling on the use of hijabs in schools across the country.


The lawyer said he was exercising his right as expressly ordered by the apex court in hijab wearing judgement delivered on 18th of June, 2022.


In October 2014, a Lagos high court had ruled against the use of hijabs in schools, following the judgement, the State government placed a ban on the use of the hijab for students wearing uniforms in the state.


In May 2015, some Muslim students approached the appellate court seeking a declaration that the ban is a violation of their rights to freedom of thought, religion and education.


But in July 2016, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the lower court and same was upheld by the supreme court.


In line with the decision of the apex court, the Delta State born human rights activist, Malcom Omirhobo, in a peaceful protest appeared in an unusual atire when he matched his lawyer robe with other traditional apparels and walked into the court majestically during proceedings.


According to Malcom, his dressing was informed by the recent verdict of the Supreme Court which legalized the wearing of hijab to schools and public places in Nigeria.


Some lawyers insisted that the justices failed to see the rights contained in section 38 of the constitution as private rights that must be exercised privately in homes, place of worship, community, religious schools and not in the public or public schools funded by tax payers money.

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