2023: What Dez Mayorz intelligents gathered concerning who becomes the next president of Nigeria.

Goodluck Eberechukwu Jonathan is coming.
He is likely to declare soon under APC.

Buhari and the Northern powers are bent on handing over power to Goodluck Jonathan before APC primaries, meaning Goodluck will join APC.

It Is on the know that Buhari and northern force can only trust Goodluck and he will do four years only.
As Goodluck made Buhari become President.

The problem now is that the north nominated El Rufai to be his running mate and Goodluck Jonathan doesn’t like him.

Goodluck Jonathan prefers Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed.

So if they accept Goodluck terms of running with Bala Mohammed, it means the second option of settling for Chibuike Amaechi won’t work.

Categorically, we can say all the APC aspirants are wasting their time if Goodluck Jonathan declares.

Disclaimer: This information might not be true.
It is just an intelligent report gathered by Dez Mayorz crew and in politics, things can change so quickly.

By Dez Mayorz

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