Odogwu Bitters: Stop Belittling Our Igbo Heritage – Christian Ezenwoye Tells Obi Cubana.

Says very soon, Obi Cubana might name his sachet ‘kiki’ bitter to ‘isi agu’.

The director of COTECK furniture Ltd, Mazi Christian Ezenwoye is not really pleased with the name Obi Cubana chose to name his new herbal alcoholic drink. ‘Odogwu bitters’.

Mazi Christian Ezenwoye said Obi Cubana would have used his name ‘Cubana bitters’ or something else and not ‘Odogwu’.
Says Odogwu is a legendary Igbo name and should not be synonymous with ‘kiki’ (alcoholic drinks).
Says if care is not taken, Obi Cubana might name another sachet kiki ‘isi agu’.

‘…You produce chemical ‘kiki’ drinks for agbero people in Ochanja main market and streets boys to be drinking and dieing while you and your friends continue to drink good porch drinks’

‘You are bringing our value down, by calling kiki, Odogwu.
Don’t you know that Odogwu is a legendary name, and unique?
very soon you will name sachet-kiki, to isi agu”

‘It took Burna Boy alot to bring back the respect of the name ‘Odogwu’, now you want to call streets ‘kiki’ to Odogwu.

‘Why not use your name ‘Cubana’ on the drink instead, afterall you are popular.
Stop spoiling our Igbo heritage names.”

‘Innoson Motors calls his greatest vehicle ‘Ikenga’, good!
Why not do the best of porch drinks and call it Odogwu, maybe it would be better, than chosing to call ‘kiki’ bitter, Odogwu.”

‘Find something influencing and gaining and do for your people, build factories in the South East, you have tried by empowering some people, but it’s hightime you get smarter’ – Christian Ezenwoye.

Obi Iyiegbu aka, Obi Cubana launched Odogwu Bitters, the newest bitter spirit brand in Lagos.
Odogwu bitters has 30% alcohol with ginger and honey mix.
It’s a close substitute to aloma bitters and other local alcoholic drinks that the Federal Government is planning to ban in Nigeria.

Dez Mayorz Media gathered historically that the name Odogwu means “great man of warrior or battle” and is of Igbo origin.
According to a user from the United Kingdom, the name Odogwu means “A man of great esteem. A distinguished man. A valorous man. A great man”.

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