Witty Wednesday: GSN Calls For ‘Boy Child’ Support.

Nigerian stand up comedian, doubled as the organizer of Witty Wednesday’s comedy club in Port Harcourt, GSN calls for massive support on ‘Boy Child’ as a way to improve the society.

This he said during the February 2022 edition of Witty Wednesday’s comedy club in Port Harcourt.

GSN stressed that to be ‘a man’ is not easy again.

He lamented on how boys are not supported by the government, agencies and private sectors, which leads so many of the ‘Boys child’ to crime and even involve in rituals, bunkery and ‘yahoo yahoo’ activities.

‘….In as much we support ‘girl child’, ‘boy child’ support is very necessary for the betterment of the society…..’ – GSN added.

Port Harcourt City continues to enjoy GSN’ s Witty Wednesday Comedy Show, as GSN maintains consistency and quality for about a year now.

Witty Wednesday is a comedy show organized by GSN, every third Wednesday of the Month in De Planet, Port Harcourt City.

The February 2022 edition was top-notch with amazing performances from Dr. Vee, Kpakol Bethram, Danny Spry, Bobby Flash, VDjDaddy and GSN (host) who raised the roof with funky and classy humorous performances,

as people all enjoyed themselves with laughter.

Content creators and bloggers were spotted at the event including Dez Mayorz, Profjay, 818tv, Tammy, Benny Odumu and Western Entertainment (1wire).

Many Port Harcourt creative arts were also at the event including Baba Funky, Mc JP, Advisers, Akpan Okon, King d Comic, Femi K, and many others.

Dj Spiff and Ameka celebrated their birthday at the event.

Witty Wednesday, packaged by Peniuela Event (Mr Churchill) is a comedy club for working class people and the youth to unwind and have fun.

Next edition will be much better.

Dez Mayorz report.

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