Why Gov Wike Gave Opobo/Nkoro Their First Link Road

Why Gov Wike Gave Opobo/Nkoro Their First Road.

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The Rivers State Governor, His Excellency Nyesom Wike has made history as the governor who brought the 150 years road aspirations of the Opobo people to reality.

He did not only receive the Golden Key to the City-State of Opobo but has also written his name in gold, as he commissioned the Opobo/Nkoro axis of Andoni/Ogoni/Opobo Unity Road.

The unity road which has become a live wire for the economic development and advancement of Opobo/Nkoro LGA linking the City-State of Opobo to the city centre for a simultaneous exchange of natural and human resources for the overall mutual benefit of Port Harcourt and Opobo/Nkoro.

The road is accomplished because Governor Wike is a promise-keeping Governor as popularly called “Talk-and-Do Governor”, an important campaign promise he made to the people of Opobo has been fulfilled.
With the aim of a live wire, for the economic development and advancement of Opobo/Nkoro LGA.

The road which is an ambitious project initiated by former Governor, H.E Sir Dr Peter Odili has connected the Island of Opobo to the rest of the state by road.

The road has a minimum fill height of 2 meters, with a maximum height of 8 meters at some points. The 11.15 km long and 7.3m wide road was built through swamps and some of the most difficult terrains for road construction.
It has a 1.5m wide shoulder on either side. It has 18 culverts and 5 bridges with a shoulder of 1.5 m on either side.

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Dez Mayorz News.

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