Shame On Garba Shehu And His Presidency – Fr Mbaka

Shame On Garba Shehu And His Presidency – Fr Mbaka Replies Garba Shehu.

Shame on Garba Shehu and the people he is representing – Fr Mbaka.

Says accusing him of seeking for contracts is a childish shameful accusation.

That he should challenge the truth he spoke about Insecurity, lack of good hospitals and unemployment problem and not to challenge the messenger.

Fr Mbaka said Garba Shehu is challenging the God of thunder, and should be careful.

He reinterated that he is not just a priest but Job provider who has employed over 23,000 people directly, helping the church through labour provisions to win souls.

“The person challenging Fr Mbaka, how many people are you feeding?
So if I talk, you talk, because government is paying you?
Do you know how many people am paying? ”

“Before you challenge me when I talk about unemployment in Nigeria, know that am an employer of labour”

“Garba Shehu, thank you for telling everybody that Buhari is not giving me money nor contract. Am vindicated from those who says that I make money from Federal Government”

“A Proactive group of foreign professionals who said they know how to handle the Insecurity Problems in Nigeria came to me with their plans, so I handed them over to Abba Kyari to discuss with them, without me being involved in any percentage sharing because it’s a security matter.
They are the three people I took to Abba Kyari, who said they have what it takes to revamp the oil Refineries in Nigeria that will employ the youths.
These are the people the government rejected their offer”

“By God’s Grace, I pay house rent for widows and pay school fees for many, home and abroad without the Federal Government support.
If a priest who doesn’t have a biological children can do this, the Federal Government should do more”

“On hospital, I promise God that I will give the church in Nigeria the best hospital in Africa here in Enugu”

“They are worried that am blessing Nnamdi Kanu, is God not have been blessing him since? is Nnamdi Kanu not my brother and spiritually my son? So what is your Problem?”

“They are busy branding people terrorists. With what is happening in Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Kano, everywhere, so the government should now brand everyone in Nigeria terrorists? They don’t even know the actual meaning of terrorists. So let them be careful with their choice of words.”

“If anyone says the truth, the person becomes enemy (or terrorists) to them. Shame on them!”

“For those who says Mbaka is doing business. Am not hiding anything. Yes I do Evangelical projects. They say they want to report me to Rome.
If Rome hear that am challenging bad governance in Nigeria, Rome will definitely clap for me.
If Rome hear this, they will give me big positions that I may not like.
It is like reporting Lionel Messi (Barcelona footballer) to FIFA that he is playing exceedingly and supernatural, FIFA will reward him as soccer ambassador”

“The Insecurity we are talking about is so serious that it can consume even Garba Shehu that is attacking the truth and kill him.”

“Blockading Government house will not solve Nigerian problem, if Jobs are not created for the youths.”

“What a shame! No one hospital in Nigeria and the President is sick and they will flew him out of the country for Medicals. What a shame!”

“Ihe m na-ekwu kara mu obi. (I will be boldly be saying the truth).”

“The last person this administration should fight is Fr Mbaka. Because if they speak against me, the anger of God will strike on them and how they will end will shock everybody. Because I represent the poor, the widows, the nobody, the sick, the unemployed in this country, am their Father”

“So even if am seeking for contracts, so am no longer a Nigerian that contracts shouldn’t be given to me?. Those getting contracts, are they more Nigerians or more patriotic than me?

“I can’t be silent. For those saying Fr Mbaka good morning. This is not the first time I have been speaking. Though not on social media, but Press people do suppress it.”

“The government should reduce taxation because we don’t know what they are doing with the ones we pay.
There is stomach Insecurity. Stomach Corona.”

“If the church leaders can not talk, who will talk? I bless all our Bishops who have been crying over this.
All our pastors and Priests who have been lamenting over this.”- Fr Ejike Mbaka.

He also commended Enugu State Governor.

He concluded by telling Garba Shehu not to make himself an instrument of disaster because disaster is coming.

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