Gov Wike Has Shown That Port Harcourt Entertainers Deserve To Be Paid #10m

Gov Wike Has Shown That Port Harcourt Entertainers Deserve To Be Paid #10m – Kingsley Anu.

– Reveals that Port Harcourt Entertainers make millions.

Dez Mayorz Report.

One of the major stakeholders in the Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry, doubled as the director of the “No Limit Ltd”, Mr Kingsley Anu has commended the Rivers State governor, Gov Nyesom Wike for setting the pace and showing that Port Harcourt Artistes deserved to be paid #10m for performing in an event.
Tells the Governor to do more by investing in Entertainment Industry to tackle and reduce insecurity in the State.

Mr Kingsley Anu revealed that Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry is growing and will soon be choked up. Tells people who want to join the industry to do so before it get choked up for them.

All these and more he said when Dez Mayorz Media visited him in his office in Port Harcourt to acquaint him of the prestigious DMOMA Awards coming up in December.

Kingsley Anu commends DMOMA Awards Organizers for their originality and style as he promised to support the award especially this period that proficient working people deserve to be awarded and celebrated.

Below is the brief Media chat with Kingsley Anu.

*On the recent Award you won in Entertainment Industry….*

Kingsley Anu:
Yes, the Advancement Entertainment Awards is one of the biggest Awards I have won recently, based on the big brands on the category. It’s a great feeling.

*Can Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry be redeemed to Lagos standard?*

Kingsley Anu:
Yes offcourse.
Port Harcourt Entertainment is on the rise, before we were not as good as we are now.
Port Harcourt Entertainment is growing and sky-rocketing.
Our sounds, professionalism and creativity has improved tremendously.

*On Gov Wike giving some Port Harcourt Entertainers 10m each…*

Kinsgley Anu:
Kudos to Gov Wike and those who recieved the money.
The Governor has set the pace that Port Harcourt Artistes should be paid #10m and cooperate companies should be paying artistes big as well.
That’s what it’s.

*On Port Harcourt Artistes who recieved 10m Money not investing the Money in Rivers State but outside…*

Kingsley Anu:
Apparently, I know all who recieved the money. Nobody have called me since, but am happy they recieved it and Port Harcourt is working. Some of the Artistes are shooting good videos that will be released soon.

*On Port Harcourt City having cabals…*

Kinsgley Anu:
Yes, some people are trying to form cabal.
Anyone can do a group thing.
But I work with everyone and I don’t need to know you to work with you.
I advise we remove cabal thing and work with everyone, Port Harcourt should go beyond groups, clicks or cabal.
We did review for my Artiste Gthree Mayami without having any cabal in mind and we recorded huge success.
We need everybody in the Industry.

*On other things No-Limit are into…*

Kinsgley Anu:
We are into Media, Television, equipment leasing, content providers for sitelite channels, coverages and have department that deals with procurement and Installation.
Others are private.
We bring Artistes to limelight. No Limit is a record label as well.

*Is Entertainment Industry really paying in Port Harcourt?*

Kingsley Anu:
Let me shock you, Port Harcourt Entertainment is paying big. I have made millions.
It has to do with your packaging.
Although we have challenges with streaming, airplay, etc.
I won’t advise anyone to go to Lagos, because Lagos is over crowded.
You can make it here and make it big.

*On people’s Acceptance to Port Harcourt Artistes and their music….*

Kinsgley Anu:
Whether they like it or not, Port Harcourt is making it big. Burna Boy the only Grammy Award winner and others are doing great.
They are all from Rivers State.
People who want to join the industry should join now because very soon Port Harcourt Entertainment Industry will be choked up.
Many people went to Lagos but they are back and we will help them settle back.

*On No Limit’s Artiste Gthree Mayami growing exponentially.*

Kinsgley Anu:
Gthree Mayami is a talented young Artiste and good song writer who has alot to offer.
I don’t have doubt about him because I know he can’t disappoint me and his fans.
His tour is on progress and his reception and acceptance is massive.m
People should expect something big from Mayami.
No limit is not in Competition with anybody.
We are moving accordingly.

*How did you make your millions in Entertainment Industry?*

Kingsley Anu:
It’s about your packaging. Be focus and consistent.
Keep pushing.
I have been there for a long time.
Strategize, don’t wait for the government.
We don’t need Government money, the government should create enabling environment, activities and platforms for us.

Multi-nationals should involve us. Imagine, Agip will be doing a program and fly Artistes, caterers, etc from Lagos.
We will not allow that to continue to happen.

*Will the Insecurity in the state affect the Entertainment Industry?*

Entertainment has nothing to do with insecurity in the country.
If our political leaders know what they are doing, Entertainment Industry is the hope for Nigeria.
It’s a very big Industry.
If the Government invest in the industry, I assure you the youths will be more busy and insecurity will be reduced.

*On Port Harcourt Artistes doing well Nationwide.*

The likes of Burna Boy, Ajebo Hutlers, Gthree Mayami, Omar Lay, Dandizzy despite the saga that he returned 300k during Burna Boy’s home coming event, it’s his style. He has returned my money too, days before my event, saying the money is small.
It’s his style and I respect him and his style of decision making.
Also doing well are Jikume, Fortune and Kessydriz among the female ones.
Many Port Harcourt artistes are doing great.

In conclusion, Kinsgley Anu commends Online Media Practitioners (OMPAN), says the likes of Dez Mayorz, Believall, and many others are doing great.

DMOMA Awards nominations set to commence next Month. Get ready to be part of the unique Award.

Dez Mayorz Report.

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