Buhari Should Resign Now – Miyette Allah

Buhari Should Resign Now – Miyette Allah.

The Miyette Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria ( MACBAN ), has directed all Fulani herdsmen in all the southern states of Nigeria to immediately evacuate following the recent ban on open grazing by the southern state governors, as he also slammed President Buhari, claiming the president doesn’t know what he is doing, advising him to step aside.

In a communique signed by the Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed, the current chairman of the Bauchi State chapter of MACBAN, it admonished the herders based in southern states to immediately leave the region, alleging that the 17 governors of the 17 states from the southern region are doing everything possible to frustrating their business and mobilize the people against cattle herders.

Excerpts from the letter read;

“This is a simple calculation. We are heading for secession. The rulers are no longer interested in the people. If some people are banned from open grazing, there is nothing more. Fulani people should move out from there. It is very simple.?

Must we transport the cattle there? I have said it before. We have an option of breeding our cattle here (North). We are peace lovers. Let them come and buy from us. It is some people’s fault.?

The Southern governors can do that. There is no problem, let them do what they want.
If the Northern governors feel like, they can ban open grazing.
We don’t care.?

We also call on the President to step aside or for Nigerians to put heads together and elect a credible president in 2023, a leader with focus and competence. Nigeria should get a leader with a good example, who is ready to sacrifice his life for his subjects.”

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