Gov Wike’s New Flyover Experiencing Unwarranted Traffic Jam.

The Okoro nu Udo (Rumuokoro) new Flyover built by the Rivers State Governor, Gov Nyesom Wike, and Commissioned on Monday by Donald Duke, is now experiencing unwarranted traffic Jam(Hold-up).

Accident have already occurred at the spot of the Flyover.

This comes few hours after the commissioning of the Flyover, as the Rivers State peoples’ mood of enjoying the flyover, half-cutted.

The reason of the day and night temporal traffic jam in the flyover is not professionally certain, but it might be as a result of the people rushing to take the route and enjoy the newly built flyover, that is causing the traffic.

Some people say that it is the engineers that didn’t put everything in cognisance before constructing the flyover that are to be blamed.

It is suggested that Gov Wike needs to employ over 40 task force personels to work and regulate the traffic in the flyover if the state government want to keep a free flow traffic on the newly built Flyover.

Picture 1 is the Rumuokoro flyover with heavy Hold-Up in the afternoon.

And the picture 2 is the Rumuokoro flyover Hold-Up in the evening time.

The people are commending Gov Nyesom Wike on his well done Flyover projects, including the sole Administrator of RIWAMA, bro Felix Obuah, who hails Gov Wike On Flyovers Projects.
Lauds Gov Wike’s Visionary Leadership.

But other people are saying that the flyover is not well bullt to standard, that nothing changes in Rumuokoro, as Rumuokoro is still experiencing hold-up.
They argue that it’s not the real Julius Berger that constructed the Rivers State Flyovers.

The Rivers State governor have been embarking on flyover projects in Port Harcourt City and Obiakpor local government area of Rivers State.

The next in line to be Commissioned is Artillery flyover.

Dez Mayorz report.

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