Onyeka Onwenu

Nigeria’s music legend, Onyeka Onwenu, has said that she would not be afraid to go back to the South East if Nigeria breaks up.

Dez Mayorz Media gathered that Onwenu spoke on Tuesday during a virtual pre-book launch briefing ahead of the release of ‘My Father’s Daughter’, her memoir, billed for October 1.

The 68-year-old movie star, who is married to a Yoruba Muslim, said her decision would be due to her commitment to contribute to the development of the south-east, which she said, had been marginalised for long.

The human right activist cum politician recalled once joking with her sister-in-law, who is also a Muslim, that she would leave her children for “Biafra” if the country splits.

“If that happens (referring to Nigeria breaking up), I will go back to the south east because I want to go back home. And even if we don’t split, I want to do so much in the south east,” she said.

“So, I am not afraid…nothing spoil, nothing lost, we’re still going to love each other.”

Onwenu went on to enjoin those from the south-east to try and invest in the region, adding that such collective will is crucial to development within that part of the country.

“We have neglected the south-east and I am telling every Igbo person that whatever they are doing outside the region, they should go home and invest,” she added.

“It doesn’t take away whatever you are doing in Lagos or Abuja or wherever else…you are free to live where you like and trade but remember back home. We have been marginalised for a very long time, we are in need of development.

“We are going to develop other people’s places because that is what we do. But we must not forget that our investments are needed at home.”

Using her marriage as a reference, the music star also enjoined every Nigerian to uphold the country’s unity.

“We should stop insulting and denigrating each other. We are blessed with the richness of our culture,” she added.

She revealed that her forthcoming book, which contains over 450 pages, will examine aspects of her life which are hitherto unknown to the public.

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