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Gov Wike Buying Of Ikoku Market Is Still Considered To Be A Rumour.

There is a major rumour spreading in Rivers State that Gov Nyesom Wike has bought Mega Motors Spare Parts Market called “Ikoku Market” with two weeks quit notice on the traders to vacate.

Dez Mayorz Media stormed Ikoku market to make enquiry and talked to many traders who said that they woke up with the rumour.

They said they considered such to be a rumour, as no notice or paper have been served to them.

Dez Mayorz Media consider the information to be a rumour since no Rivers State Government media aides have made a report or statement on the development.

The Igbo traders in Rivers State have been watching the Rivers State governor with one eye recently, as a result of his body language and reactions.
The State Government have shutdown all the major markets in Rivers State for four months using COVID-19 as the reason.

Based on the rumour, Rivers State Government have the right to buy anything in Rivers State legally and Gov Wike buying of Ikoku is not debatable but the nature of the quit notice and buying is questionable.

For now, until official information is passed to traders, it’s considered to be rumour.

By Okoye Chidiebele

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