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Edo Debacle:

Power indeed comes from God, some few days ago comrade Adams Oshiomhole held supremo, he dictated all that happened in his party, he threw Gov Godwin Obaseki out of the Governorship primaries and solely projected Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu to be the candidate of his party for the election in September 2020.

Gov Godwin Obaseki resigned his membership of the APC and barring any last minute hitch he is most likely going to fly the flag of the PDP in the upcoming election.

The interesting thing about the resignation of Gov Godwin Obaseki is the fact that he only left the APC together with his deputy comrade Philip Shaiubu and members of the state Assembly loyal to him.
The entire Edo state structure of the APC loyal to Gov Obaseki remained in the APC,this party structure from ward to state suspended comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the suspension of Comrade Oshiomhole has just been affirmed by the court of appeal,which means comrade Adams Oshiomhole will remain suspended until the supreme court says otherwise which I doubt the supreme court will.

Note by virtue of the fact that the appeal court has authenticated the suspension of comrade Adams Oshiomhole, it simply means that in the eyes of the law the authentic leadership of the APC in Edo state is the leadership loyal to Gov Godwin Obaseki.

The suspension of Comrade Oshiomhole followed due process,he was first suspended by his ward executives, the local government and state chapters of the party concurred to his suspension which I think is the valid process for suspending any erring member of any political party in Nigeria.

The National Executive Committee of the PDP will grant Gov Godwin Obaseki waiver to fly the flag of the PDP in the election in September, while he will be the candidate of the PDP his core loyalists will still hold the structure of the APC in Edo state thereby making him the supreme political leader of the state by virtue of the fact that he controls the structures of both the PDP and APC in Edo state going into the election.

Just on Friday last week when Adams Oshiomhole barred Gov Godwin Obaseki from participating in the Edo Governorship primaries of the APC,Gov Obaseki was looking like a political orphan who had nowhere to run to,in less than 48hours he crisscrossed the entire south south states seeking for redemption to his political travails.

Today he is the beautiful bride of politics in Edo state, his aggressor comrade Adams Oshiomhole has gone into wilderness for now and may never return to his exalted office of chairman of the ruling party in the country.

In summary, God Almighty is the author and finisher of the fate of man,let no man play God in the affairs of man.
Even if the APC hands its Governorship ticket to Pastor Ize Iyamu as expected he will have to work with so many saboteurs in the state structure of the party in his quest to become Governor of Edo state.

Gov Godwin Obaseki may decide to renege on his resignation from the APC, the party will be glad at this point to take him back and hand over their ticket to him on a platter, he may still wish to continue his journey to the PDP and still get their ticket while his loyalists remain in the APC and still work for his reelection.

Politicians should learn from the Edo experience.

Bob Abayomi


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