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Stop Mis-informing Rivers People -Hon Tonye Adoki Tells Tam George.

Hon. Tonye Smart Adoki replies Austin Tam George;

The top-model looking Rivers State lawmaker Hon Tonye Adoki has caution the former Rivers State Commissioner, telling him to stop misinforming the Rivers State people on the COVID-19 Palliative distribution and development.
The former Rivers State commissioner accused Rivers State Government for biase and sentimental COVID-19 Palliative sharing.
Below is the Hon Adoki statements gathered by DEZ MAYORZ Media:

It has come to my notice how Mr Austin Tam George, a former Commisioner Of Information has been misinforming the state on the sharing formula of the State Government palliatives.

First, i think you are not properly informed about this matter, your report is totally incorrect with no iota of truth.

There was no sentiment in the distribution of palliatives every community felt the impact as shared on community bases and no political party member was allowed to partake on the sharing process.

Federal Government have be giving money to the poorest of the poor living Rivers State with nothing or no fund why not lend your voice so that funds can be given to our state and also the videos in circulation about Lagos State were residence have be crying out their mind on the poor palliatives distributed, were a full street will be giving one custard rubber of rice, beans and 10 loaves of bread to share, i challenge you to mention one state that has fought this pandemic more better than Rivers State.

Mr Tam George i think you should direct your thoughts and words to Lagos State Government instead of wasting your time to attack a kind hearted gesture made by Gov. Wike. Rivers State has not received any money from the federal government yet but Governor Wike is working tirelessly to cub this menace called Coronavirus

On the issue of who heads a committee, i think it’s not necessary because it is the sole prerogative of the Governor, a question for you my brother, who heads the federal government palliative committee? Yes it is Boss Mustapha who is the current Secretary to the Federal Government, so if the Governor decides on who to make a Chairman of a committee that should not be an issue.

I personally supervised the distribution of the palliative with the help of the various community Chiefs and Elders in the 20 wards of the Port Harcourt City Local Government which was very pleasing and well accepted by residents

Please we should mind the kind of informations we feed the public with so we don’t make mockery of our selves, you are somebody i have so much respect for but i’m disappointed in your write up. Let’s take a look at the measures taken so far by Rivers State Government to ensure that he protects the people of Rivers State, from day one of this pandemic, all the measures taken today by other states to fight Coronavirus, Rivers State Government started it first for instance the shot down of boarders, market, ban on public gathering etc, all of this started here yet people like you were the one who condemned such decisions and i expect you to commend the state government for that. Federal government distributed money to the poor without reaching out to any rivers man. I expect you to speak on that matter since you’re defending the people of rivers state

The best I had expected of you as a former cabinet member who served this state for about two years is to support that which serves the interest of the people and residents of the state instead of the other way round.

By Dez Mayorz

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